Your Morning Face Wants To Make You Aware About Your Internal Well Being, Let’s See How?

Our face can literally be the mirror to our health, if you know where to look. Read to know what your morning face has been trying to tell you.

Our face can literally be the mirror to our health, if you know where to look. Read to know what your morning face has been trying to tell you.

I know that ‘Sound Health’ is the most important thing to keep yourself going but has someone thought for a minute, that you can be well aware of your internal health, without any medical checkups or the whole medical history report?

We all wake up in morning, some of us energized with the sunshine on our faces; some of us feel like, ‘Okay, Well, a new day has begun, let’s go ahead’ and some of us still feel lazy after getting a night’s sleep, like all the resistance power of our bodies has faded away. We end up feeling a lack of energy in the mornings, waking up tired as if we had climbed the Mount Everest. There is no need to worry because we are all passengers of the same train, and have varying moods as well, which needs relaxation as well as going through our routine work lives.

Many of us, especially girls and women, wake up in the morning and look at ourselves in the mirror and think how horrible we look on seeing our morning face. We are not film stars, that we need to look good all of the time, though we are the absolute film stars of our lives.

But some things are to be understood from our faces in the morning. Often, seeing a tired, completely worn out face, we feel that our face seems to be like that everyday after waking up. Actually, sometimes we can’t read between the lines that something essential might be missing – something that reduces our internal well being. And these things make an indication through our faces. This comes especially, in the case, of people from the ages of 25 and onwards. They may have a lack of nutrients essential for their bodies for everyday sustenance and this can be easily figured out through the morning face.

If we don’t provide ourselves with a healthy diet and fresh pure air, our bodies become prone to develop deficiencies. We can usually find these out through periodical checkups and discussions with an appropriate doctor. But there are some commonly found deficiencies that can be easily spotted by your face and through consuming healthier foods, you can help your make your deficiencies vanish,

Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes indicate a lack of essential Iodine. After waking up, usually, you’ll see that your eyes are puffy. A little bit of puffiness is okay, but more than that it indicates your iodine deficiency. Other signs of it include dry skin and brittle nails. You should start the intake of desired amount of iodine from the following sources – Yoghurt, Potatoes, Strawberries.

Pale skin

Pale skin indicates a lack of essential Vitamin B12. Pale skin or complexion when indicates that you need to pay attention to your vitamin B12 intake. Other signs also include smoothening of the tongue. Taking vitamin B12 supplements could work, but an easier way is to consume natural sources – Salmon, Yoghurt, Red Meat.

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Pale lips

Pale lips indicate low iron levels. If your lips are dried and pale in colour it clearly signifies that you are more prone to become anaemic, thus, you need to include iron rich foods in your diet. Deficiency of iron for long would hack your immunity and can make your immune system go down. You can take – Peas, Green Vegetables, Beans, Red Meat.

Weak and bleeding gums

Weak and bleeding gums indicates a lack of Vitamin C. When your gums are more sensitive, it is a sign that you have to increase your vitamin C intake in your daily diet. Other signs include muscle and joint pains. Vitamin C can be boosted up in your body through – Guava, Oranges, Broccoli, Strawberries.

Dry hair

Dry hair indicates lack of essential Vitamin B7. When your scalp hair is becoming thin or simply getting dry, it usually isn’t that your hair is being damaged by sunlight, but it indicates that your body lacks the essential Vitamin B7 which is better known as Biotin. It can be consumed through – Almonds, Legumes, Eggs.

These are some common deficiencies that can be clearly indicated on the morning face, without visiting a doctor. So let’s get a firm hold on our health before things go downhill.

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