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Anaemia: The Silent Stalker Behind Indian Women

Posted: September 27, 2013

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Could you be among the large number of Indian women affected by anaemia? This infographic gives you a quick picture of how big a problem anaemia is in India, and how to recognise the symptoms.

In the South Asian region, only Bhutan and Nepal perform worse than India when it comes to non-pregnant women (in the reproductive age group) with anaemia. It is shocking as to how prevalent this problem is, among urban as well as rural Indian women. Anaemia has severe health consequences for women including increased risks of maternal mortality. In this infographic, we look at the main reasons, as well as consequences and prevention of anaemia in women.

Anaemia in Indian women_new

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*Photo credits:

Featured image – Thomas Lieser (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)
Spinach – delazon
Dry fruits – cynthiab
Meat – vjeran2001
Beans – tony powell
Chocolate – nkzs
Bread – tinpalace

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