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How To Add Exercise To A Sedentary Lifestyles

Posted: August 1, 2012

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Most of us in white-collar jobs lead highly sedentary lifestyles with little exercise. Here’s a simple guide to getting fit for the busy Indian woman.

Sedentary lifestyles are common today – we sit for long hours, take the car everywhere and never climb the stairs if we can help it! Working women in India moreover, are often over-burdened with dual responsibilities, and women’s health ends up being the casualty.

Even if one doesn’t have 45 minutes to head to the gym or swimming  pool, there are simple exercises that can be easily woven into a regular working day, perhaps in 2 short bursts of 10-15 mins each. Rather than waiting for that momentous day when we sign on for the gym membership, it’s better to look at what we can do NOW to care for our bodies.

In this video, a trainer demonstrates 4 such simple movements that women can easily incorporate into their regular schedules.

Stay healthy!

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