On Labour Day, A Big Shout Out To The True Sheroes Of COVID-19

The fight against the pandemic and the smooth working of essential services couldn't have been done without all of you. A salute! 

The fight against the pandemic and the smooth working of essential services couldn’t have been done without all of you. A salute! 

The first case of Covid-19 in India was reported when a student returned to his home town from China on 30th January 2020. Then onward, the lethal disease spread its wings over thousands of people who were infected, affected, some died, and some even recovered.

The Government has taken effective steps, controlling the further spread of disease and also arranged makeshift hospital for hundreds, in case of emergency.

But have you realized something? It’s not just men who are the warriors in this war against a deadly disease. Women have stepped up to the frontline too, and in spectacular ways, to fight the disease and save the country from further spread.

Yes, we can call so many of them the front line warriors, and many of them also behind the line, equally support our nation in this hour of calamity. We have seen their stories who put their duty first before comfort and personal life.

Let’s see the faces of these warriors.


There are thousands of doctors, women who have families and kids, yet have chosen to fight for the nation and save millions affected with the disease. Keeping their sleep and comfort away, their family, especially their kids away, their health and safety away, they are fighting for the well- being of the nation.

Let’s salute their spirit, with something that will actually help, like staying safe ourselves.

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Nurses are the second most essential soldiers of the present pandemic. They are working full time, and even sometimes extra hours. Most nurses in India are still women, and they have put their duty first and before their family.

Some narrow-minded people have begun to refuse their entry into residences. But these health heroes (doctors too) have proved them wrong and accepted all sort of hardship, that includes staying in hospital and cooking their food.

Our gratitude to these health fighters is just boundless.

Research scientists

Microbiologists and research scientists of our country have made it their priority in searching for a solution to this lethal disease. Our heartfelt gratitude to these racing against time to create the fast testing kits and also vaccines, which will be heading towards human trials. Their progressive step towards protecting the health of millions will be remembered for the years to come.

The cleaning staff

The cleaning staff has overlooked their health and safety, and has been compelled to keep the society, surroundings, hospitals, and housing complex clean. It’s understood that they are also family members and have kids at home as well. But, they have prioritized duty and have taken the mammoth task of keeping the deadly virus away from the reach of the general public.


Policewomen and constables are playing a significant role, monitoring the rules and regulations. They are seen parading, patrolling so that nobody dares to be on the road and keep safe from the disease.

They are also mothers, daughters to aged parents, and even wives, but have chosen to prioritize their duty.

Journalist/ reporters/ media professionals

Have you ever seen the journalists sleep? Perhaps they are doing their job when they are even sleeping. The TV reporters and journalists have significant roles in running the channel going and have disregarded the ‘work from home’ rules, because they have to. Other media professionals are also working, to keep the news channels and other media running.

They are walking on roads, talking to people like the health inspectors, government officers, etc., and have tried to collect news for the public, so that everybody could be aware of the present situation—a big clap to these professionals who rule the camera and presented the true story to the general public.

Social workers

Have you seen some women on the roads who are distributing food and other essential to the needy? The NGOs, the charitable organizations, and often private citizens who want to help, have never stepped back from their duty and kept their promise to feed people irrespective of the fear of pandemic.


Teachers and academicians have kept their word. They respected the rule ‘work from home’ but have always guided their students with studies and aided the completion of the syllabus. Their students had to bear the very minimum of the problems of lockdown.

These include yoga teachers and hobby teachers too. Looking after the mental health of kids abiding social distancing is hugely important and a boon.

Bank staff and other emergency service providers

The team of the emergency service providers includes those working in banks, IT & IT-enabled services, power supply, and networking services. They have reached office in time, respected  social distancing rules, and provided the general public with essential services. A big thanks to them who ruled their workplaces apart from their homes.


Homemakers have played the most crucial role. They have stepped up despite a lack of domestic help, sometimes even without any help from other family members (which needs to change – men, please do your part!) and have done cleaning, cooking, and caregiving work which is truly essential. A big salute to their spirit.

Bad times will pass, and good times will come, but these Sheroes will always be remembered.

Image source: pixabay

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