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Let’s gear up for “show” time!


“Periods” as they say is not a week long affair where women suffer for a few days, like I was made to believe when I got my first one! As I matured I realize that this is something we fight three weeks a month including PMS, cramps, hormones and then the actual “show” time.

Being a working woman all my career, it has been a constant competition with my male counterparts. And being the one that cramps badly every month was never the showstopper. One cyclopam in the morning and one in the afternoon the first two days of those time in the month and I was able to attend all meetings as long as they lasted less than an hour. It was very easy, provided I did not sit down too long or else the pants would be all red as I stand back up as the flow would trickle down and the whole office would know I am menstruating. The heavy flow has been going on for years now, creating a fear of being seated too long and a constant endeavor to question my female colleagues – \”Any stain on my pants???\”

XXXL pads, pant shaped pads, tampons tried them all, stuffed them during travel to and from office and yet, had to go through the embarrassment of a red stained jean every now and then. Not to mention the discomfort while walking and forcing your pants with the bloated stomach.

We’re expected to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and go to work, when we’re literally losing blood!

Taking a leave around the same time every month and calling it an annual leave (thats losing 12 annual leaves a year on average when you are not really on leave!), if thats not easy enough to guess – why is she off around the same time every month! Also, too skeptical to call in sick, thinking does period pain actually count as sickness?

We talk about gender equality at the workplace, but how can the genders be equal – we are different physically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally. Its equity we seek – to be accepted as we are, with our natural phenomenon that we undergo. Not to be judged for taking leaves when we are unable to bear the cramps that attack our abdomen, back and legs – all at the same time!!

Understanding that women are different and by supporting women with these policies, you empower them to actually want to be at work and to put their best forward. If you want a diverse workplace, you will first have to accept the diversity of the genders, define their equity and create a sense of belonging by accepting the differences and embracing the change they bring!! Only marketing diversity does not make the workplace a very accommodating environment where \”I can be me\”!

Rested women = Happier employee = Higher productivity and accountability.

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Let\’s aim to make the workplace period friendly!


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