Dear Ladies, Do Not Go On A Guilt Trip In Your Rest Time!

Dear ladies, don't be like Riya, who is always working tirelessly and feels guilty when she takes breaks! You deserve a stress-free break!

“What’s for breakfast, Ma? I am hungry!” said 8.5-year-old Rishaan. It was Sunday morning, just when Riya thought she would wake at her convenience, but could not afford to linger more in bed, she had to get up and make breakfast!

The next day, her younger sister, Jia, came to visit her. She is pursuing a master’s in Mass Communication from the same city; however, she chose to stay at the hostel. She knew Riya’s joint family would not like it. “It’s just 4 pm Di, why are you so worried about dinner NOW?” asked Jia out of concern.

Riya smiled and replied, “I am just checking if all the ingredients I need to cook dinner are at home. Else, I will have to go to the market and buy.”

“Oh Didi, there are apps that deliver groceries in minutes. And I have come after so long, please come and spend some time with me na!” asked Jia.

Riya sighs, “I know, and I am sorry I am not able to spend time with you.”

“It’s not about the sorry Di. Please breathe and relax. Look at yourself, you look so exhausted. What happened? All okay na?” asked the younger one.

“Yes, yes! Everything is fine,” Riya pauses mid-sentence and says, “Wait, let me just message Prashant. I have to remind him to pick up your favourite cheesecake on his way back home.”

Jia loses her cool and says, “Didi, there is still time for that. And it’s okay if Jiju forgets. Why so much stress? I want to talk to you. Please sit. I got an internship at a top advertising agency in Bangalore. So exciting!” said Jia.

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“So you will not be here in Chandigarh any more?” Riya asked in a low tone, “I was used to you being around!”

“Aren’t you happy for me, Didi?” asked Jia, “I thought you would be very happy to hear this.”

“I am. Don’t take me wrong. I am. Congratulations!” Riya collected all her emotions and reacted.

“One minute Didi. Please tell me what happened. I know there is something. Tell me?”

Riya looks at Jia, takes her hand in hand, and says, “I don’t know Jia. I am always tired, nervous, anxious. I do not feel any energy or excitement at all. You remember I used to do so much, right?” Riya confessed.

“I have never seen you this worried before. Why do you feel like you are responsible for everything? Just learn to rest and be in the moment, Di. We just picked up our lunch dishes, and you started worrying about dinner? Take time off, it is necessary. You being worried is not the solution to any problem in this world!” said Jia patting her hand.

“Rest. There you said it. I do not get enough rest. Maybe that’s why I am always tired. Right…” exclaimed Riya.

“The point is, Di, you keep worrying when you get time to rest. Rest means, doing nothing, not even thinking. Even if you do not do anything and sit in one place, in your head you are worried, you will never be able to get the desired rest. You are thinking a lot these days, I can see that. Is there anything else that is bothering you?” asked Jia.

“Oh yes. You are right. In my free time also, I keep thinking about what next to do, what chore is pending, and all of that. Thank you, Jia, I will try to. And there is nothing else that is bothering me!” responded Riya.

“Di, I know, and I understand, you are responsible for everything in the house. But you have to take care of yourself also, right? Rest is a basic human requirement. Please don’t feel guilty about it!” explained Jia.

Riya hugged Jia, “I did not realize when my younger sister grew up to be so mature!”

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