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I Hate My Husband!

Without saying a word, she lay down beside him. He asked her what happened and she told him he will not understand. He insisted and then she went on.

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Clueless Dads Thinking Pregnancy’s No Big Deal? Watch Kareena Demolish That Belief

This message is for those men who feel pregnancy is not a big deal and who say, 'Isme kaun si badi baat hai?' (what's the big deal?). Read this, and then watch the movie on Amazon Prime.

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Bad Mother

I swear there are days when I want to be rid of this crying infant. I want my life to go back to what it was before her. I want normal! 

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I Was Happy When My Daughter Was Born, But I Didn’t Want To Be A Mom To Her…

Post Natal Depression can strike anyone, any time after giving birth. And it's best to talk about it instead of ignoring it or willing it to go away!

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Long Showers And Privacy During Motherhood Are Not For The Faint Hearted!

We’re moms, this means we are the marvellous creatures and we have learned to adapt to, and even master the art of the less than a five minute long shower.

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Which One Of The Two Was Her Real Birth Mother?
Sarojini's Mother review

Kunal Basu's Sarojini's Mother looks at the search for a birth mother by an adoptee, a literal puzzle that needs to be solved.

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