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5 Reasons I Feel My Mom Is The Best One Of Them All!

From the moment she first held you in your arms to the time you grew up to be an adult and even after you flew out of her nest, there is one constant. Moms have the superpower to care for you eternally.

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PregaNews Finally Gets It Right, And Admits That Moms Don’t Need To Be Put On Pedestals

This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate mothers as humans, the ones who need their break, ones who hate multi-tasking, and the ones who should be stretching their feet without guilt.

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Vaginal Tear Is ‘Common’ In Childbirth, Yet No One Ever Speaks Of It While Glorifying Motherhood!
vaginal tear

The possibility of a vaginal tear and stitches came to me as a shock, as I realized that there is still so much that I am not aware of about my own body!

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How Can A Mother Abandon Her Kids For Living Her Dreams?
A Mother's Goodbye

Can a woman want more than her identities of a daughter, a wife, and a mother? Can we love and accept our parents even if they’re deeply flawed humans with their own dreams and desires?

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The Lost Daughter At The Oscars Is A Tale Of Conflicted Motherhood That Could Be One Of Us Too!
The Lost Daughter

Trauma left behind by parents can have a long shadow, no matter where in the world these stories happen. The Lost Daughter is one such Oscar nominated movie - a must watch.

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Taslima Nasreen’s Tweet On Priyanka & Nick Having A ‘Readymade’ Baby V/S Biological Is A Slur On Adoptive Parents Too!

Stop glorifying biological parenthood - other methods of growing a family are just as valid, and completely a couple's choice, especially of the woman whose body goes through pregnancy and birth.

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