There’s Joy As Well As Pain In Women’s Stories At Christmas As They Have Evolved In Media And Art

We know Christmas as a time of celebration, but we need to look at women's stories at Christmas and the way they have evolved over time.

Growing up in a convent school, Christmas was more than just a holiday; it was a magical time filled with traditions and joy. The decorations, the songs, and the sense of togetherness made me fall head over heels for this festive season.

Women in Christmas Stories

Women have always had a big part in the stories that celebrate Christmas. Take A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, for example. We all know about Scrooge, but what about Belle, his former flame? She showed us that love and relationships matter more than money, and her influence changed everything during the holidays.

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Over time, Christmas stories started giving us stronger, more interesting women. Books like Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand showcase women dealing with family drama and finding their strength during the holidays. These stories go beyond the usual, giving us characters who feel real.

Women taking charge in Christmas movies

Movies also got in on the action, showing women taking charge during Christmas. Have you seen ‘The Holiday’? It’s about two women who swap homes and find new love and friendships.

Image source: The Holiday promo pictures

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Then there’s ‘Last Christmas’, where Emilia Clarke’s character goes through ups and downs, just like we do, making her journey feel relatable during the festive season.

Image source: Last Christmas

Women’s expression in Christmas art

Art has its own way of capturing the spirit of Christmas through female artists. Mary Cassatt, for instance, painted heartwarming scenes of women and kids during this time, showing us the warmth and love in the season.

Image source: Mary Cassatt, The New Yorker

Image source: Mary Cassatt, Mothers and Daughters in Art

And artists like Judy Chicago celebrate women’s strength and their experiences during the holidays through colorful and powerful artworks.

Image source: Judy Chicago, Herstory in Apollo Magazine

The way women are portrayed in Christmas stories and art has changed a lot. It’s not just about traditional roles anymore; it’s about showing real, strong women with their own stories to tell. These stories and artworks remind us of the importance of women’s experiences, relationships, and journeys during this special time of year.

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