Does This Show Featuring Outspoken Women Have A Male Host So Men Think It’s Worth Watching?!

Male Feminist is a show that features women celebrities who talk of many personal things; why not have a woman host too?

On my recent mindless and unintentional scrolls on Facebook, I came across this show named ‘Male Feminist’ streaming on Hauterfly and hosted by Siddharth Aalambayan.

To start with, it came as an eye-opener. Female celebrities are invited to have a candid chat on various topics from periods to financial independence to choice of partner, consent, and then a message to 16-year-old self! The range of topics is expansive, interesting, and engaging. 

The first episode that came on my feed was the one with Ahsaas Channa ( Episode 43) The teaser of the conversation made me watch the whole episode. She talked of how painful boob tapes and thongs are; I haven’t used either of them, I felt an ache when I realised the cost celebrities pay to look beautiful and appealing always. She also spoke of flashing, which was a new learning for me. It had happened with me too but I did not know the term for it. After that day, I have watched many more episodes of this show.

Tejasswi Prakash made some honest confessions, about how she started working at an early age, which all jobs she did before she got the limelight; Which is very inspiring.

Mona Singh talked about her equation with her husband, and how she was raised. How one role became her identity (Jassi from Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi!) How easy/difficult it is to get roles, remain in the limelight, etc. She also mentioned how her father wanted her to manage her finances, and how hard it was for her to learn to do it. An efficient conversation this one was!

Dolly Singh shared her first-period experience and how she was hesitant to share it even with her mother, about how difficult she finds to say a NO. 

Many other conversations I heard, last night the one with Kriti Kharbanda made me think, “Why am I watching it? What is the purpose of this show?” The episode started with a formal greeting and a normal conversation. But the moment Kriti mentioned a stranger pinched her on the waist while clicking a selfie with her, I was taken aback. With security around and ever-lingering fame and stardom, men are not ashamed to do that even to celebrities. If this is what happens with a woman who has her presence on an influential level, then commoners like me are far beyond safe

Also, the other fact that kept lingering on my mind was; Such a pertinent show, the makers have put in a lot of courage, the guests also trust and share their honest opinions, share real-life incidents, and the host is doing an excellent job too; But it had to have a MALE host to gain its desired impact! No offence to Siddharth, he is doing a great job and I am sure being paid well for it! But I would feel better if a female hosted the show! 

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