Mahindra Thar’s Advertisement Is Surprisingly Progressive!

Mahindra Thar's advertisement caught my eye as the happy couple chasing the mountain in their SUVs while Mere Sapno Ka Raja Kab Aaega Tu played in the background.


India vs New Zealand Cricket World Cup 2023—Semi-Final Match.

A match that is special and memorable for Indians in more than one way! Virat Kohli became the only cricketer to make 50 ODI centuries. Shreyas Iyer also managed to hit a century! The show-stopping performance was by Mohammad Shami, who clinched a 7-wicket haul, navigating India’s win to seal their position in the Finals!

The cute flying kiss exchange between Anushka and Virat screamed of #couplegoals!

With all of this around, what particularly grabbed my attention was the Mahindra Thar advertisement, which felt like a revolutionary change in the advertising world. To begin with, it has two SUVs, one with a male driver and another with a female driver chasing up the mountains happily.

Can’t women drive?

I remember, two years ago, my son, who is an ardent Formula-1 fan and follower, asked me, “Can’t women drive?” He was unaware of the judgments and theses on WOMEN and DRIVING! I did not intend to show him the wrong picture, so I did answer him. After a few days, he saw his friends’ mothers driving them to and from school.

Then I said, “See, women can drive.”

He, who had only seen me riding a moped, smiled at me. “Then why do I see only male drivers in Formula 1?” was the next question thrown at me.

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To that, I chose to remain silent!

A ray of hope emerged

Yesterday, while watching this advertisement, I saw a ray of hope in his eyes! Although women do have a healthy relationship with driving at a personal level, the projection of it never came out to be the same!

“Why do you have to drive, rather book a cab?” is the one very frequently heard! There are endless jokes and memes about our driving skills, and trust me, they don’t sound funny to us in any way! I hope with this advertisement, we witness a change in the equation!

The second progressive thought and refreshing perspective that this advertisement brings is flipping the lyrics of an iconic melody, “Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aaegi Tu…” to “Mere Sapno Ka Raja Kab Aaega Tu…” Which clearly normalizes women waiting for their Mr. Right as long as they want to!

The founder of the Mahindra group—Anand Mahindra is a name that keeps flashing on X (formerly known as Twitter) for his witty responses, presence of mind, humble attitude, etc. A big brand taking this step definitely gives the much-needed boost to the whole scenario, navigating it in the right direction!

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