Aye Khuku Aye: A Gullible Girl Always Gets Betrayed!

Aye Khuku Aye directed by Sauvik Kundu, is a soul-stirring film about a young-teen girl Buri and her father Nirmal.

The year that just went by, witnessed several soul-stirring flicks from Tollywood. One of them, Sauvik Kundu’s Aye Khuku Aye, garnered immense popularity.

The female protagonist Buri is a delight to watch. She is essentially humane, which endears her to the viewers. Simple and good-natured — like most village girls in fiction — the motherless Buri played by Ditipriya Roy of Rani Rashmoni tele-serial fame!

Buri lavishes all her love and affection on her father played by Tollywood superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee, his character Nirmal Mondol though majorly unsuccessful as professional stage actor and hence is suffering financially, finds solace and joy in their mutual relationship.

Aye Khuku Aye starts as a story of a determined teen

The enterprising teenager supplements Papa’s earnings by making and selling homemade pickles and bori — dried lentil dumplings, hugely popular in Bengali kitchens. She is keen to learn to dancing and be a performer like her father, but in the teeth of her dad’s opposition —  practices secretly.

Enter the local youth Sanjay, played by Rahul Dev Bose, and friendship is fostered between them. Sanjay connects her to a village self-help group, where she begins to earn independently. Moreover, he encourages her to dance. She is both — surprised and delighted when he gives her a spare mobile phone to access the internet.

But a gullible girl gets betrayed

Things seem fine until the lock-down.

Amidst the spiralling financial crisis, Sanjay betrays the gullible Buri. Heartbroken, ashamed and devastated, she takes her own life, leaving the helpless and hapless father to seek revenge — but he gets ensnared in the manipulations of a ruthless politician played by Sohini Sengupta.

The young Buri thus assumes the dimensions of a tragic heroine whose life is tumultuous with toil and struggle. She yearns for happiness, which unfortunately continues to elude her.

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Nevertheless, she refuses to lower the banner of lofty ideals —  dutifulness and love, ending up paying through her untimely death.

[If you or someone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts, please reach out for help immediately.]

Image source: Still from trailer of Aye Khuku Aye, edited on CanvaPro

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