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Teen Suicide Is Preventable, So Let’s Pay Attention And Battle The Stigma

When teenagers talk about suicide, they are seen to be attention seekers therefore ignored. However, this is incorrect. Any discussion on suicide should be taken into serious consideration.

Every suicide is a tragedy, and more so when a young person, so full of promise, dies of suicide..

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Burden of Disease research, about 800,000 individuals die by suicide each year. That corresponds to one individual every forty seconds.

Did you know that suicide is the fourth greatest cause of mortality among 15- to 19-year-olds?

Suicide is a despairing attempt to alleviate excruciating agony. “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” ~ Phil Donahue

Do NOT ignore any talk of suicide, no matter how vague

I heard a personal story about a girl who committed suicide because her parents didnt buy her a smartphone.

What would have happened if the girl took the time to understand that her parents could not afford it? Many teens would live to see the next day if they had paused for a moment to think about the situation with a clear mind. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

What is easy is to judge her based on how silly the reason was – to take her own life. Or to judge her parents for not taking good care of her. Because of the stigma associated with mental disorders and suicide, many people contemplating suicide do not seek therapy and therefore do not receive the required help.

When teenagers talk about suicide, they are seen to be attention seekers therefore ignored. However, this is incorrect. Any discussion on suicide should be taken into serious consideration. Sadness, being ignored by family and friends, worry, and engaging in risky behaviour are all signals that a youngster requires help.

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How can you help as an adult in their lives?

There are aspects in a teen’s life that might help keep them from trying suicide. For example, children who feel loved and supported are less prone to consider suicide. That also applies to children who are good problem solvers.

Accessibility to adequate healthcare and mental health treatment, and having parents who are open to seeking assistance when their child requires help is beneficial.

It is important to note that young people die of suicide at substantially greater rates in low- and middle-income nations than in high-income ones. Here, facilities for early detection, care, and help for those in need, if they exist at all, are frequently rare and inadequate. If so, communities can play an important role in preventing suicide. They can offer social assistance to vulnerable people and follow-up care, as well as battle stigma and help those affected by suicide.

“Did you really want to die? No one commits suicide because they want to die. Then why do they do it? Because they want to stop the pain.” ~ Tiffanie DeBartolo

If you or anyone you know is feeling depressed or suicidal, here are some of the helplines available in India. Please call. 
Aasra, Mumbai: 022-27546669
Sneha, Chennai: 044-2464 0050
Lifeline, Kolkata: 033-2474 4704
Sahai, Bangalore: 080–25497777
Roshni, Hyderabad: 040-66202000, 040-66202001
SPEAK2us – Tamilnadu 9375493754

Image source: Engin_Akyurt on pixabay

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