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mental illness
Living Every Day With Depression And Anxiety, There’s So Much Fear Yet There’s Strength…

Ever since I received my diagnosis, I felt a sense of relief and a bit of sadness. Relief, because I now had a vocabulary to express my behaviour, but sadness because this is probably a permanent part of who I am.

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Eminent Businesswoman Aparna Piramal Raje Speaks Of Living With Bipolar Disorder

Women in particular face a lot of bias even when it comes to mental healthcare and awareness in our country. Aparna Piramal Raje's Chemical Khichdi brings more conversation to the table.

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How Even In 1983, Malayalam Film Adaminte Variyellu Spoke Of Mental Health Of Women

In Adaminte Variyellu, Vasanthi sits on her father-in-law's favourite easy chair and orders the family members about, as he used to.

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Parents, Please HEAR Our Unspoken Plea For Help, And Rescue Us From Depression Before It’s Too Late!

No one noticed. I understood that it would be difficult for my friends to notice as we rarely met or talked. But what about my parents? My family? They were the ones I spent every day of my life with.

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Kapil Sharma And Revathi Dazzle In 2 Surprisingly Sensitive Mental Health Depictions On OTT

OTT recently threw up two surprisingly sensitive, sincere depictions of mental health. Unexpected in a country that does not know what to do with those suffering from mental illness.

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My Battle With Bulimia: How I Survived & What I Learnt About It

If you or one of your loved ones is exhibiting symptoms of bulimia, get help soon. Sonal's personal experience is one of great trauma - but also of hope.

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