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Soumya Bharathi

Writer| Poet| Self-published author| Oral Surgeon on career break| A woman who believes that subtlety is strength, feminine is formidable, beauty is in benevolence and vulnerability is validation of strength of character. My books- https://www.amazon.in/s?i=digital-text&rh=p_27%3ASoumya++Bharathi&s=relevancerank&text=Soumya++Bharathi&ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_1

Voice of Soumya Bharathi

‘It’s Easy For You To Say This… But You’ll Never Understand My Pain!’

I often wondered how she could be so happy, living her life all alone, but slowly her positivity and vibrance rubbed off on me too.

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Proud To Be Your Daughter, Ma! Yours, Chinmayee

Now I am about to enter an unknown terrain Ma, and I feel only you will understand the fear, the joy, the nervousness.. these waves of overwhelming emotions washing over me...

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Why Can’t We Women Have Freedom To Just BE?

Mythri had something new to learn everyday, watching as the lady transformed completely, walking, talking and even laughing differently as she got into the skin of her character.

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dear comrade
Dear Comrade: 5 Lessons We Can Learn From This Refreshingly Feminist Movie

Dear Comrade is a breath of fresh air from masala movies. It also has some lessons we can take away from. Here are five take aways from Dear Comrade.

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When Your Dreams End, Nightmares Begin…

But what caught her attention was a the small girl sitting in shadows at bottom most corner of the page. Her hands were tied with handcuffs as paints lay all around her…

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And She Decided To Break Free Of The Chains Of Her Mind

"My husband has not abused me physically but his sense of control and command over my daughter’s and my life had become like chains tied around our feet."

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Resting in the lap of hope
Resting In The Lap Of Hope

Aparna went weak in her knees. The thought of her daughters all alone in the house in this situation, and her mother in dire need of medical attention was enough to send a shiver down her spine.

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