5 Easy Recipes For Unconventional Andhra Pickles (And They Are Finger Licking Good)

Want a few easy recipes for Andhra pickles? Here are 5 - unconventional, yet finger licking good. Try them today.

Want a few easy recipes for Andhra pickles? Here are 5 – unconventional, yet finger licking good. Try them today.

A typical Andhra meal is never complete without the famous red hot pickle. I feel lucky being a Telugu girl who grew up tasting many varieties of authentic pachadi (pickles) and podi (spice powders – saved this part for another post!).  My dad is especially very fond of pickles and hence it used to be a regular dish at home with numerous variations!

With time, I have become health conscious and even more so after my child was born. So I only prepare pickles occasionally now, but yes, whenever I go to my parents’ place, pickles become my favourite instantly. Surprisingly, my child also never loses an opportunity and is very keen on trying all kinds of pickles; for his age I wonder how he has already taken such a liking to pickles? Must be in the genes I guess! Anyway, who can stop drooling over such a delectable fiery bowl of pickle?

As many of you might already know, Aavakaaya (hot raw mango pickle) is the most sought-after pickle in Andhra, but now that the mango season is coming to an end, let us have a look at some easy recipes for Andhra pickles in other enticing varieties.

Welcome to the Andhra kitchen and some favorite variations of its notorious pachadi.

Gongura Pachadi / Red Sorrel Leaves Pickle

This delicacy takes the the second spot after the glorious Aavakaya. Gongura leaves are in season now and are a good source of iron and vitamin c. Every time I buy Gongura, I think of making dal or sabzi with it, but finally end up making pickle and only pickle! Do I need to say more? This pickle is also an obvious item on the menu list of most Andhra restaurants. It tastes best with thinly sliced onions with hot rice and ghee – just writing this is prompting me to try it out soon again!

Recipe: Gongura Pachadi

Kobbari Kandi Pachadi/Coconut-Toor Dal Chutney

This chutney is a quick fix for dinners. The presence of Toor Dal and Coconut makes it a nutritional combo too and is a regular on the dinner menu at my home. It is not very spicy and kids will love it instantly. There are two ways to relish it, chutney with rice and ghee – the classic one, or team it up with some hot rasam and see, you cannot ask for more!

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Recipe: Kobbari Kandi Pachadi

Minumulu Chinthapandu Pachadi/Urad Dal Tamarind Chutney

Another yummy variation for dal chutney, and this time it is Urad Dal for you. If you follow the recipe well and don’t mash the dal, this chutney becomes interesting as it is very crunchy. The addition of tamarind makes it taste better a day after it’s made as the tamarind coats the dal better with time. Apart from rice, it tastes good with soft plain dosa too.

Recipe: Minumulu Chinthapandu Pachadi

Dabbakaya Pachadi/Indian Grapefruit Pickle

Dabbakaya/Indian Grape Fruit is a seasonal fruit which comes to the markets around the August-September months in India. It is a powerhouse of vitamin C and looks like a bigger version of the regular lemon. This pickle is easy to make and can be stored for months. It tastes amazing with curd rice but is a nice transition to the prevailing lemon pickle.

Recipe: Dabbakaya Pachadi

Velakkaya Pachadi/Wood Apple Chutney

I remember getting this fruit for Ganesh Chathurthi every year, but I am not a big fan of it, since it has an unusual taste. But wait! The twist lies in eating it in the form of a pickle. The pulp of this seasonal fruit can also stay for months if we store it with salt and turmeric mixed. Try this recipe and chances are you will not submerge this fruit along with Ganesha this year!

Recipe: Velakkaya Pachadi

Are you a fan of Andhra pickles? Do share with us which Andhra pickle you love the most and other pickle memories!

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