As a 23 y/o teacher in a boarding school I was accused of trying to seduce secondary class boys

Many moons ago having completed my University education I took up a job as a resident teacher in a fairly well known co-educational boarding school in Gurgaon (Delhi -NCR).I taught English to higher secondary classes  (XI-XII).

The main school was adjacent to the hostel and staff quarters. The senior boys’ dormitory was located above the private single room allotted to each teacher during  the evening and on public  holidays all residents were served meals in an open-air amphitheatre style food court.

Now being a total greenhorn I was blissfully unaware about norms etiquettes do ‘s and don’t s in a school of this type. Unfortunately there was no orientation or training whatsoever. I merely spent one term at the institution. But controversy hounded me from the outset. The school administration got the impression that I was ‘freely mixing’ with the male students, mostly the in- house ones.

Now let me put forth my defence: I am neither beautiful nor captivating or sensuous. I never dress meticulously nor apply make-up. I wore regular ordinary Salwar kameez or churidar kurta ensembles. However I have certain natural disadvantages when it comes to being an Indian woman. I am tall hefty and big boned, a little on the heavier (read muscular) side.  Possibly this didn’t go down with the authorities. As for my nature and deportment I didn’t conform to the strait-jacket prim and proper school ma’am, image stiff upper lip cane in hand etc. I had wrongly(?) assumed that since the boys were almost  grown up  and the age gap  between us negligible, it would best to adopt  a friendly air towards them. Looks like this idea boomeranged on me.

Trouble began when one day the  Head Master and the Principal summoned me to their office and gave me a stern warning: “Keep distance from the boys. Behave decently .Bear in mind they are much junior to you.” I  was dismissed after the duo imposed a dress code on me: That I should be sari-clad. Other outfits were permitted occasionally or during weekends.

There could be another reason behind  the bias. From evening until dinner time the teachers and students assembled in a large hall. This was Prep  (tutorial) cum recreation time .One was free to spend as he liked without disturbing others. A few boys  would ask me to help with their English assignments.  Some days when I was free I would browse glossy tabloids like the Weekly Sun etc. Often the boys borrowed these. See the connection?

Two shocking incidents still haunt me. One evening, dinner was served in the newly built dining hall.  I came in rather late. The teachers’ table was occupied. So I managed to find a seat at the boys table.

Within moments “Brig J” an ex fauji-turned-estate manager of the hostel came charging at me like a mad bull. “Didn’t we tell you to stay away from the boys? Why are you so disobedient? What will the boys learn from you?”he growled. Shocked, humiliated I rushed off from the spot as fast as I could. How could an elderly   gentleman be so villainous?

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The next incident was the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back. On Christmas night the mood was upbeat and lively. There were  good snacks dance and music…and even a blazing bonfire to spread warmth and good cheer. I was in high spirits and had donned a semi-designer outfit bought earlier. People moved from one spot to another, conversing, cracking jokes. A group of boys accosted me and we chatted,when suddenly that blasted ‘J’ darted towards me with a menacing attitude. He was accompanied by Suraj Prakash, P.T  instructor-cum- accomplice, since he  too kept an eye on me, day in and day out. Gnashing his teeth, nostrils flaring, eyes rolling, J’s attack was vicious. Uttering the oft quoted lines he literally chased me away from the spot; I had no option but to retreat to my quarters. That night I went to bed hungry bathed in sweat and tears.

Even today so many decades later I can’t fathom the reason behind their prejudice. I am sure they must have garnered from my CV that I hailed from a well educated middle class Bengali bhadralok family. How could they even imagine that I would be interested in school boys with a” blurred “future? Wouldn’t it be more pragmatic to rope in my male batch mates or lecturers at college or university so that elementary future plans would be feasible? Moreover though most of the boys were mischievous, rebellious  and rude, yet  I  vouchsafe  that  none of them had displayed any obscene behaviour or  an attitude with sexual slant at any point of time. Theirs was  a classic case of perverted mind. What else??












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