Why “Boudi Canteen” is Relevant for IWD: How a school teacher’s Culinary Skills led to Her Empowerment

It  is an  axiomatic  truth  that every woman inherently possesses a few skills  and qualities.  However, owing to the rough and tumble of  daily life, these are rarely  able to surface. More  so in the case  of  the  Indian Eve who are  literally transformed  into  bonded  labourers  post  marriage.  Husband, home and kids become the pivot point  of their existence.  “Want  to work?   Be a  teacher”  This is  the standard in  our  society

In this perspective  the subtly feminist Bangla film boudi  canteen is an eye-opener. The  protagonist  Poulami (Subhashree Ganguly), a teacher and homemaker rolled into one. she is  an excellent and highly passionate cook . However she dreams of seriously adopting doing something she loves  from the bottom of her heart.   Her  devoted and supportive husband Sourish (Parambrata) introduces her Bablu (Soham Chakraborty), the owner of a food delivery service.

Earlier Bablu was  supplying  to the company where Sourish worked. But due  to some   unavoidable  circumstances  his business  went downslide. As a damage  control  measure Bablu  ropes  in Poulami temporarily. And things begin  to look  up once  more.

Soon  they enter into a partnership where she assumes the role of a master chef. Thus enabled Poulami is  able to  act as a  pillar  of strength for  her  spouse when   he runs into a financial  crisis.

Like  a thorn in the  flesh, Poulami’s sophisticated socialite mom-in-law Surbhi (Anusua Majumdar) – who heads an NGO – is disgruntled when she discovers about the side  business  ( incidentally Paulomi juggles with her school  job as well).  For the simple   reason that she’d rather her bahu  do something more classy so that  she can brag about it to her peers.

Eventually  the  younger lady is  able persuade Surbhi (who is  uncomfortable about her  middle class past) that cooking ( read  catering) is a dignified occupation as any  other  and lucrative  as well.  The  film ends with  the  family of three  determined  to  live happily ever after


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