Women Don’t let PMS ruin your family peace

Here is a shout out to all the females…girls and women of the reproductive (read menstruating) age group: Do you experience what is familiarly known as PMS (Pre menstrual stress) Its commonest , visible symptoms are mood swings irritability rudeness in  speech, and mannerism especially while interacting with other individuals around you. This occurs days or weeks before the stipulated date of period every month.Once periods commence the so called’ blues’ disappear.

Some of you might wonder as to why I am bringing up this issue? Well as a matter of fact I am facing some acute relationship problems because my only offspring (daughter) experiences a severe form of PMS from  time to time.

To begin at the beginning my daughter (let’s call her Bob )is  now 29. She attained  puberty  at rather normal age of 14. For more than a decade  everything went on rather smoothly. However about five years ago things began to take an ugly turn.Whenever her periods got delayed or didn’t happen she would turn ferocious, nay demoniacal.On the slightest pretext she would pick up a quarrel with me or her Papa…as the argument escalated she would suddenly turn violent; it was a terrible sight to behold: hair flying, nostrils flaring,  the face crimson purple in rage.She would repeatedly punch and pummel me. Catching me by the hair, she would bang my head against the wall, pull out my hair by fistfuls. This Thundery mood would last two to three  days.Thereafter calmness and sanity would be restored. Now  here  is a twist  in the  tale. I was  always  a  handy  target.  The sly woman that she  is   Bob  never unleashes  violence on her  father .  Hmm  there is more than  meets  the  eye.  To tackle this  malaise a  psychiatrist  was  consulted;  he gave Bob a clean chit;  rather he convinced her to consult a gynaecologist. The latter  diagnosed  that even though violence up to  a certain degree was commonplace  during  PMS such an  unbridled outburst was by no means  acceptable. As part of holistic therapy Bob was  prescribed medication undertake a  diet  regimen  and practice  yoga regularly.And  the  results  are beginning  to show.

Voicing an anxious mom’s woes  I only wish to say:  PMS  apart  Bob is  one  of  the gentlest creatures  under the sun  A soft-hearted   animal  lover;  a  dedicated diligent  physiotherapist  to  her numerous patients, a dutiful  daughter,  it  is unfortunately  her  malady  that  plays  havoc  with  our  domestic lives and interpersonal relationships.

So  in case  any  of you  are getting   even  the tiniest  of   such “Blues”  please  go  for treatment  rather  than breaking  bones your ageing  family members.


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