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11 Indian Women Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow For Clothes With A Distinct Personality

Posted: August 11, 2018

Plus sized fashion is more than just clothes. It’s a personality type, and these plus sized fashion bloggers from India are proving just that.

Being a plus sized woman is difficult everywhere in the world, but in India, it’s probably even more difficult because somehow brands seem to gloss over that this particular body type exists and that they like dressing upto the nines.

A lot of plus sized fashion brands are insipid and horrendous with huge flower prints, and ignore the actual need of a plus sized beauty to dress herself up. Dressing up for a plus sized woman is also so closely related to body positivity and acceptance, that when you look at these women fashion bloggers who are rocking all sorts of outfits and giving us all plus sized fashion inspiration, you will sit up and take notice.

They all have their own unique style and little eccentric details, which you will find once you look through their social media. This means that plus sized fashion needn’t be in a pre-determined box, and that just because you happen to be plus sized, you cannot have a personality. Most of these women are also stromg advocates of body positivity and self love.

Payal Soni


With a following of 41.8 k on her Instagram and her bio reading “plus so what” you know exactly the attitude you’ll get with her fashion choices. Winner of the Miss Curvy Queen 2017, she has a style which is a great mix of classic with bold cuts and favors solid colors.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook

Neha Parulkar


50% Budhha and 50 % Beyonce, with an introduction like that, you will channel your inner fashion goddess to come out and shimmy a little just like Neha does. 18.2k people on Instagram agree with that. Her everyday fashion, which is a happy mix of playful prints coupled with classic cuts and regular outfits, makes it an accessible choice for other plus size women watching her.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook



Body Positive and always approachable is how this plus sized fashionista can be best described. With a following of 25.1k on Instagram and a sizeable chunk on twitter as well, she is someone who speaks her mind both through her fashion and her words. Her style focuses on indian cuts and designs, which makes it very attractive to a large population of Indian women who would appear to be more comfortable in Indian cuts and wear.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter

Tanesha Awasthi


This stunning light eyed beauty has over 327k obsessed fans on Instagram and the reason is her fresh and stunning style. Her curly hair add to the appeal her fashion choices. What’s really refreshing are the snippets of her regular life with her family which appear intermittently on her feed as well. She favors a lot of stripes mixed with the usual culprits in terms of style and cuts.

She is a verified fashionista with her own collection coming out in September.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook



If a classic and safe fashion sense is your choice then you can’t go wrong with Ikya. A self confessed army brat, she blogs, youtubes and instagrams her fashion and beauty choices to over 7000 fans so that other women get inspired and don’t wait to explore fashion and style just because they are plus sized.

You can find her on Instagram and YouTube

Nisha Mansharamani


If wa-wa-woom was a person, She would be it. Nisha wears her plus size as a badge and not a chip on her shoulder. Her style is bold and asks plus sized women to not be afraid of being sexy and provocative. Her focus is on boudoir and all her posts scream body positivity and self love. With 4500 fans on Instagram and growing, she has carved a definite niche for herself.

You can find her on Instagram and on Snapchat (nish_online06)

Vigya Walia


True to her slightly unconventionally spelled handle, Vigya Walia of sindrellastorie tells all plus size women how to be a Cinderella of their own wardrobe and rock the skirt. Long, short, colourful and plain, skirts are her sartorial choice on most occasions and pairing them with funky shoes or that killer attitude helps even more. No wonder 11.6 k people follow her on Instagram.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook

Jaqueline Kiara Ledlie


With 32.2 k followers on Instagram, this plus sized beauty is not only a total rockstar when it comes to her outfits which are a mix of eclectic and fun and class but also when it comes to being in the public eye. Having participated in various reality shows like Splitsvilla and Lovescool she isn’t afraid to put herself out there in all her beaming glory.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter

Sonal Somani


Although her fashion choices seem to be very very safe and well within the zone of comfort, it resonates due to its familiarity without compromising on style. Which is possibly what earned her the 81.3k followers. Interesting brand collaborations galore, she has a very slice of life style of blogging which makes her appear more approachable than many others.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook

Aashna Bhagwani


Undoubtedly one of the most well known plus size bloggers. No list which talks about plus size fashion can be complete without this effervescent and body positivity advocate. Aashna talks about fashion, skincare, lifestyle, and is a go to for all things woman with a plus sized twist to it.

You can find her on Instagram

Notable mention: Keshma Savla


This is a new kid on the block account. But looking at her bold and kitschy choices, we have no doubt she will be a hot favourite very soon.

You can find her on Instagram

Images source: Instagram

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