11 Women Speak Of How Women Make Powerful Leaders For Many Reasons

How are women as leaders? The saying goes ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’. But in current times, it should be ‘Empowered Women Empower ALL.

WeAce is a platform that is in the business of making workplaces more productive, progressive, and gender balanced, as their mission statement says.

Recently, WeAce, along with Women’s Web, ran a blogathon for women on the topic: She-E-O’s: Do Women At the top Elevate Everyone – including men?

We had a deluge of entries, and the top 20 have been featured on the WeAce blog.

Let’s look at the 11 entries (in alphabetical order) that speak of how women’s innate way of working, their leadership qualities, can make them powerful leaders.

Ananya Satapathy

Every woman born today has dreams she wants to realize, but society is still unwelcoming to any young woman’s aspirations to dream big. With societal expectations still holding women back, a handful of women chose to break barriers and climb up the ladder, inspiring others to unleash their potential. The depth of diversity, empathy, and adaptability displayed by women CEOs today drives significant growth in not just the company but in the people around them too.

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Anindita Rath

Historically, leadership roles were often reserved for men. However, women have always excelled in making important decisions, especially within households. In recent times, female CEOs have challenged these stereotypes, proving that leadership is not confined by gender. Men, inspired by these trailblazing women, are encouraged to question their own biases about traditional gender roles. This
shift in attitude benefits society by tearing down barriers and promoting equality in all aspects of life.

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Ansi AbdulKarim

Women also have that trait of active listening (thanks to the many chances one gets since childhood!). Actively listening to your team or your fellow employees and actioning on their pain points, making their life a little bit easier, one step at a time – the happiness and trust this brings to an organization cannot be described in enough words. When you have established trust, the rest comes easily. After all it is an organisation that values trust and integrity that everyone would like to be a part of

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Anu Jayaraj

Most traditional cultures around the world through years of brainwashing taught men and even women that leadership qualities are only possessed by men. Women were only meant to be gentle, and weak and no expectations were set on them other than nurturing and tending to the needs of their families. Women are always portrayed with emotions while men are generalized as brave and risk-takers.

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Anushree N

We women have fought for the rights to vote, to get educated, to work in all leading sectors as equal to men but failed to hear and encourage the women in our own home, be it our daughter, our mother, our grandmother, our sister or our daughter-in-law, by not letting them be their own self by considering gender norms. Many women still believe their identity as a father’s daughter, husband’s wife and children’s mother and take immense pride in it, but little do they know about their own power, tethering in a survival mode.

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Arunthathi Thiyagarajah

The saying goes ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’. But I feel, it must change according to the current world. It should go as ‘Empowered Women Empower ALL. Since women know how it is to be appreciated and recognized, they would want everyone to feel the same way. Hence they take that extra
mile to help others to achieve something big. They make an effort, they try to help people elevate
themselves to reach the top level.

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Durba Chakraborty

The battle is tough, but women are paving their own path of victory. In the last few years, the panorama of leadership witnessed the emergence of powerful women leaders who grabbed the throne for themselves using their wit, strength and determination, thereby making a deep-rooted impact in society and inspiring the younger generations. Be it corporate, educational or political, the women trailblazers have made inimitable contributions and have demonstrated their hardships by achieving unparalleled success.

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K.N. Vindhya Sri

Women are adept at understanding the workplace culture with a high level of clarity delving into the reality of the situation and providing workable solutions to all issues from every angle. They take center stage to resolve complex issues with ease and ability in many areas. Women have immense power to collaborate between teams, gel, vibe, multi-task and seamlessly mingle with people across different verticals with humility.

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Raga Deepika

To gain further understanding of how women are excellent leaders and have the capacity to lead everyone, including men, allow me to narrate to you a story. This is the story of She. She’s story has to be understood since every story has power encapsulated in it. A few illustrations of women whose stories have impacted the society at large and led to societal growth include that of Sudha Murthy, Anandi Gopal Joshi etc

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Shalli Gadia

The presence of women in executive roles challenges deeply entrenched gender stereotypes and preconceived notions about leadership. It sends a resounding message that leadership capability transcends gender. Men working under female leaders have the opportunity to witness firsthand the effectiveness of diverse leadership styles, thus broadening their understanding of what constitutes effective leadership. This exposure encourages personal and professional growth and fosters a more progressive and open-minded organizational culture.

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Shipra Sharma

Women at the top have different meanings and it varies women-to-women. We all have mothers, some are housewives and some do a job, regardless of that they take care of the whole household. In a male-dominant country, it’s a woman who is taking care of the system internally and managing everything. From sending her kids to school for their education, and making lunch for her husband and the family. She takes care of their health by serving them good healthy, nutritious food which helps elevate them physically.

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You can read all the articles here.

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