9 Women On How Women’s Leadership At Work Makes All The Difference!

Historically, leadership roles were often reserved for men. However, women have always excelled in making important decisions,

WeAce, a platform that is in the business of making workplaces more productive, progressive, and gender balanced, recently, ran a blogathon for women along with Women’s Web. The topic: She-E-O’s: Do Women At the top Elevate Everyone – including men?

We had a deluge of entries, and the top 20 have been featured on the WeAce blog.

Let’s look at the 9 entries (in alphabetical order) that speak of women’s leadership at work, either as bosses or even CEOs, and how that can change the game for everyone, even men.

Ajita Singh

The notion that women in leadership positions can elevate everyone, including men, is grounded in
several critical advantages that diversity brings to the professional workspace. First and foremost,
gender diversity contributes to a broader spectrum of ideas and perspectives. It allows for a more
comprehensive approach to problem-solving and decision-making, thus promoting innovation. When
both women and men are engaged in leadership roles, they can harness their distinct experiences
and viewpoints to arrive at more creative solutions

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Jasmine Bhatia

Historically, leadership roles were often reserved for men. However, women have always excelled in making important decisions, especially within households. In recent times, female CEOs have challenged these stereotypes, proving that leadership is not confined by gender. Men, inspired by these trailblazing women, are encouraged to question their own biases about traditional gender roles. This
shift in attitude benefits society by tearing down barriers and promoting equality in all aspects of life.

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Kamatham Premaswini

Having a female CEO can significantly impact an organization’s culture and values. Female leaders often promote transparency, trust, and engagement within the workforce, creating an environment where employees feel valued and empowered.

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Read the entry here.

Kanchan Chanana

She was very kind. She was close to her retirement so perhaps, this allowed her to come out or maybe
she sensed a genuine moment to connect – I don’t know but the conversation flowed. She said, “Kanchan, look, I got the seat at the table. But, I hardly had any voice, any decision making in the start. I worked hard on various aspects – knowledge, leadership skills, communication skills, etc. and I gathered my voice but this was not working either.”

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Kavana HM

According to the latest report from Mckinsey in partnership with Leanln.Org, Women are more ambitious than ever, and workplace flexibility is fueling them. 2023 studies reveal some hard-fought gains at top, with women’s representation in the C- suite at the highest it has ever been. It has surveyed 27000 employees and 270 Senior HR leaders from 276 organizations employing more than 10 million people. The survey debunks 4 myths about women’s workplace experience and career advancements.

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Lalitha Ramanathan

SS handled conflicts in the team with finesse. I’ve seen some managers dismissing problems between resources callously. However, unlike them, SS was determined to make sure any hostility was nipped in the bud.

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Meghana Prakash

According to research and a report by Forbes, CEO’s with traits like compassion and integrity earn 9.35% return on assets. Research proves that female leaders use more transformational leadership methods to help the entire organization grow. They create the wave of inspiration and work on what is good for the company when compared to men. This leadership was the catalyst to create a new style of management which was more open, vulnerable and more aligned with reality.

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Pritika Padhi

A 2016 Harvard Business Review study shows that a shift in the share of women in C-suite positions from 0 to 30% results in a 1% increase in net margin, which is a 15% increase in profitability for a typical firm1. A different study by S&P Global in 2019 found that female CEOs found a 20% increase in stock price momentum in the two years following their appointment2. Several similar studies support that companies with more gender diversity on their executive boards are more profitable than those without.

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Sharda Mishra

Now, here’s where it gets spicy. When women climb the corporate ladder, they also break down gender stereotypes. Men, freed from the expectation of having to be the “alpha” all the time, can explore roles and skills traditionally considered ‘feminine.’

Read the entry here.

You can read all the articles here.

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