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I Understood The Real Power I Have Over My Life & Choices, When I Shaved My Head

She had wanted to shave her head for a long time, but hadn't because she was a girl, and 'what will people say'. But then, one day, she just did it. This is the author's story of taking her power in her hands.

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You Don’t Look Like A Mother – Is This A Compliment Or A Stereotype?

Complimenting a mom that she doesn't look like a mother is objectifying her and one step away from body shaming her. Don't do it!

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Being Dark, Dusky, Is Not A Disability, Being Black, Brown Is Not A Disease!

The poet writes about the deep seated malaise in Indian society, which glorifies fair skin, and demonises dark skin - not realising the profound effect it can have on our mostly brown population.

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Kalki Koechlin’s Podcast ‘My Indian Life’ Is Yet Another Attempt By Her Towards Social Change

Always being outspoken about issues like child sex abuse or her support to LGBT community, Kalki Koechlin's podcast 'My Indian Life' is her new attempt for bringing change in the society. 

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Every New Mom Who Has Hated Her Post-Baby Body, Like Me, Should Read This
post pregnancy

The mirror had always shown me a confident, strong, and beautiful woman, but post pregnancy, I did not like what I saw. But then I thought about what this body had just achieved...

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‘Ownership Rights Of Jealous Husbands’, And 11 More Sexist Indian Ad Themes That Must Go
sexist Indian ads

Sexism in ads is everywhere, and it infiltrates minds in ways we can't control. But as parents, we should begin at home, and keep the conversation with our kids ongoing if we are to beat it.

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