25 New Hindi Short Films To Binge Watch This Weekend!

At home under lockdown, bored, but don't have large chunks of free time? Hindi short films to stream is the solution, all from the past one year.

[ At home under lockdown, bored, but don’t have large chunks of free time? Hindi short films to stream is the solution, all from the past one year. ] 

During this time of global pandemic, all we have to do is stay at home, so that we minimise transmission of the virus, and help flatten the curve of the daily cases of coronavirus. But, even if we are working from home, it can become quite difficult to stay sane within the four walls.

So we may be temporarily trapped, but we surely can keep our minds occupied with something interesting before the cabin fever sets in.

Hindi short films – the solution

Monotony hits hard when there is absolutely nothing new to do inside the house. But, as they say, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. I discovered a fabulous way to sit back and pass my free time – whatever I get, that is. We’re in this together, aren’t we?

Here’s a list of Hindi short films available on YouTube (made over the past one year), that celebrate women empowerment and feminism, which you can definitely binge-watch. So what are you waiting for?

Go grab yourself a piping hot cup of Joe, relax and watch these 25 entertaining yet poignant Hindi short films to keep your sanity intact during these testing times.


28 mins

Being stalked, or being sexually harassed, is the nightmare of every woman. Shweta Basu Prasad’s (the child actress of Makdee) performance is bound to create a thrill in your mind.

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13 mins

Starring Kajol Mukherjee, it shows the rape victims from different walks of life. They are confined in a room and their conversations reveal each of their stories, which will give you goosebumps.

The Lovers

24 mins

Do men fall under the ‘silent’ category due to the pressure of the society? Well, at least I can say a few of them do, after watching this 23 minute film on the Domestic Violence Act, featuring Shweta Basu and Zarina Wahab.


33 mins

Nidhi (Shivani Tanksale) and Diya (Sheetal Menon) are two sisters who take care of their comatose father. As kids, we always thought our parents are invincible. When we age, they grow older and suddenly the children turn into caretakers of their parents. It’s a hard-hitting reality with an unexpected ending.

Besan Ke Laddoo

9 mins

Nisha (Shwetha Tripathi) is just married and apprehensively organizes a Diwali party for her In-laws. She prepares herself to match the expectations of her new family.

On the contrary, Vikrant, her husband, tells her to be herself. Does she listen to him? And if she does, will her in-laws put up with it? Tune in to check it for yourself.

Name Plate

10 mins

The society frowns upon women who are older than their men. They have their jaws dropped if a woman earns more. Is age and money so important in a relationship? This award winning short film throws light on this.


12 mins

Noor is a little girl whose uncle is a sexual predator. The film starts with her walking in the dark, on the streets and ending up in her househelp’s house. It unfolds the untold story of the two different worlds of the rich and poor.

Dhoop Haskar Boli

13 mins

Sheeba Chaddha plays a mom. Her determined daughter goes with her to a matrimonial office. The awkward conversations will bring a joyful tear in your eye. That’s what happens when a doting daughter does something special for her widowed mother.


It’s A Girl

34 mins

Anisa Butt plays a brave mother who fights for her unborn girl child. Will she win over what the society thinks? Peek in quickly to know.


Story of A Housewife

20 mins

No matter how modern the society is, they do treat the women in an ancient way. Manisha Marzara plays the role of such a woman and she does it just right.


18 mins 

Prashant Ingole’s film conveys a strong message to the Indian women – Women need to stand up for themselves! Need I say more?

Ghar Ki Murgi

18 mins

Sakshi Tanwar is the Ghar ki Murgi who is taken for granted but one decision of hers after a heartbreaking incident turns everything turtle! That’s the way to do it, I must say. Released on Women’s Day 2020.



27 mins 

A touching short story in which a wife gets to know of her husband’s affair. Watch to see how she deals with it.


15 mins

Deepti Naval is a therapist who puts insomniac clients to sleep. She is unable to put one client to sleep who has been sleepless for twenty years. This film is a quiet and thoughtful chamber-piece designed around poetry.


22 mins

Starring Yashika Tanwar, this is a heartwarming film about a daughter who comes with her kids to see her mother after nearly twenty years. The kids’ grandmother lives with a househelp. The story sends out a strong message.


8 mins

Silence gives birth to a new victim. Featuring Sadiya Siddiqui, this film is about standing up against domestic violence.


5 mins

This is an award winning Six Sigma film. The story revolves around two village girls. All over the country, girls still have to drop out of school because they do not have sanitary pads and lack hygiene. The story breaks the taboo around menstruation.


10 mins

Navni Parihar and Isha Sharma play a beautiful duo of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The distressed daughter-in-law finds love once again. Will her mom-in-law support her and why. Dive in to understand ‘kaun kiske khilaaf hai’.

A Bitter Pill

12 mins

Directed by Ashutosh Jha, it’s a story of a young woman professional living in a metro city. The emotional harassment and the busy life makes her disturbed, which many will relate to in real life.


13 mins 

Featuring Trimala Adhikari and Seema Azmi, the plot is set in a village in Uttar Pradesh, where a prostitute gives sex education. There’s a woman, Kamna, who seeks womanhood because she doesn’t have breasts. Will Kamna get what she desires in life just as her name suggests? Women and their physical features – we’ve heard this so many times. Watch this one for a concept that’s brilliant.


24 mins

The ugly truth of being a woman is portrayed in this short film. Whispering the unspeakable reality of rape and molestation, the story will send a chill down your spine at one point.

Risky Business

9 mins 

Two daughters discover the ‘battery operated’ toy in their mother’s life. This risky business is something that isn’t easy for them to handle. Actress Shruti Panwar shows how a woman’s sexuality does not depend on her motherhood.


8 mins

This short film features Smriti Kalra who plays both a man and a woman. She is a muslim woman leads a suspicious life. The name ‘Ambu’ itself signifies a combination of Amma and Abbu. Watch it to know what could have led her to be a man as well as a woman.


Kaande Pohe

11 mins

The boy’s (Tushar Pandey) family visits the girl’s (Ahsaas Channa) house to ‘arrange’ their marriage. This is the ‘kaande pohe Cha karyakram’.


20 mins

Anuritta Jha walks out of a toxic relationship only to colour herself happy by soaking in the colours of Holi. There is strength in every corner of a woman’s heart!

You’re sure going to explore beyond the ordinary. These Hindi short films are the best companion in this uncertain times. I already feel it’s worth rummaging through the files! You will now find yourself not scrolling down the covid-19 news on your phone, obsessively.

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