Poem On Internalized Body Image Issue: Am I Enough?

Body image issues and eating disorder start as young as 12 in girls! Here is a hard hitting poem about living in a fatphobic society.

TW: Eating disorder, body-image issues, mentions of drugs.

Am I skinny enough?

Should I lose more weight?

Should I eat less?

Maybe I should take some pills.

Should I sleep more to avoid eating?

Will keeping myself busy make me forget about eating?

Maybe I shouldn’t meet my friends,

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If I do, I would have to eat.

And my seven days fast would go to waste.

Is that one piece of dosa?

I had in the morning,

Making me look fat?

Maybe I should vomit

Forcefully after this meal,

Secretly without anyone noticing.

Maybe I should start cardio

Maybe I should work out more

Maybe I should do yoga

Maybe I should just do drugs





Maybe someday I will be enough.

Will I ever be enough?

Image source: Still from Ad Campaign by Dove #StopTheBeautyTest, edited on CanvaPro

If our readers or someone you know is suffering from eating-disorders because of body image issues or if social anxiety is leading them to harmful thoughts: please try to get help immediately.

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