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body shaming
‘Apology’ By Tarun Tahiliani Was Just More Gaslighting But Dr Cuterus Gives It Back

A new twist has come to the fore in Dr Tanaya's body shaming case. Tarun Tahiliani issued a public apology, but it was further fuel on the fire, and she is not having it.

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Dear Designers, Fat Shaming ‘Normal’ Women’s Sizes Is Bad Business!

When will designers start making clothes with 'normal' women in mind? Influencer Dr Cuterus, aka Dr Tanaya Narendra recently spoke on Insta of body shaming by top designer Tarun Tahiliani.

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Probably, Victoria’s Big Secret Was That She Preferred Comfy Yet ‘Boring’ Bras!

Home is where the bra isn’t necessary, and anyways who decided that women need to wear a bra all the time? Must be a man! Only they wouldn’t know the pain!

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I Didn’t See A ‘Fat’ Woman But A Model Comfortable Enough Not To Care About Labels

He was like a whiff of fresh air. He was the first guy I met who laughed at my one-liners. Most importantly he didn’t make me feel conscious about my body.

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Why Neha Bhasin Speaking Up About Being Fat-Shamed Is Important Even Today!

Neha Bhasin speaking about being fat-shamed and the toxic effects of it shows us why the 'diet culture' needs to be eliminated ASAP.

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10y.o. Refused To Do A Math Question Comparing Girls’ Weights; We Need More Kids To Speak Up!

Children internalize misogyny from observing, reading, and watching things and people around them. Let's set a better example.

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