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Why Neha Bhasin Speaking Up About Being Fat-Shamed Is Important Even Today!

Neha Bhasin speaking about being fat-shamed and the toxic effects of it shows us why the 'diet culture' needs to be eliminated ASAP.

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10y.o. Refused To Do A Math Question Comparing Girls’ Weights; We Need More Kids To Speak Up!

Children internalize misogyny from observing, reading, and watching things and people around them. Let's set a better example.

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My Journey From Post Delivery Body Shaming To A Confident Momma

I shall fight back and not allow people body shame me, rather I challenged myself to lift me to heights where they would be envious of me!

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Vanita Kharat Promotes Body Positivity Like A Boss In Latest Photoshoot!
vanita kharat

With her latest photoshoot, actor Vanita Kharat proudly says she is proud of her body giving the much-needed message of body positivity.

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Years Of Body Shaming Made Me Question Myself & My Worth While Hating My Body!

For years, I was shamed for my bust size, and was made to feel it was my fault. But not anymore! Now I know I am perfect the way I am!

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Rashmi Desai Being Age Shamed Shows Our Society’s Oppressive Beauty Norms

Recently actress Rashmi Desai on her Instagram stories called out faceless trolls and bullies for age shaming her. Why are a woman’s beauty and grace supposed to be related to her age?

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