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Unconditional Love Exists, But It’s Very Easy To Mess Things Up!

When I was asked to write something about love for Valentine’s Day, I searched inside myself for the most potent love I’ve felt for anyone in my life. I grew up reading a lot of fiction, especially romance. So it should have been easy, but it wasn’t. A few years into the marriage, I understood […]

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The Curse Of The ‘Ideal Body Type’ On The Mental Health Of Girl Students
ideal body weight

We have a warped idea of what is called the 'ideal body type', and this is seriously affecting youngsters, especially girls everywhere.

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Alia Bhatt’s Viral Make Up Reel Makes A Vital Statement About Authenticity In Beauty
Alia Bhatt's Viral Make Up Reel

Alia Bhatt was trolled for her "imperfections" after her viral reel on make-up, but the joke is really on us and our mindsets.

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How My Daughter Is Teaching Me To Love My Skin Colour
How my daughter is teaching me to love my skin color

My mother grew up with no love for her skin colour and internalized the message that the world around her was screaming in her ears.

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Barbie, Body Positivity, Babies, And More… What Do You Think?
Barbie movie

The Barbie movie is supposed to be satirical and tackle some of the issues the thin doll did help create in the 90's, by focusing on one body type as ideal.

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Stop Making Jokes About Our Bra Size And Mind Your Business

We need to stop stereotyping women's bodies, and also be more sensitive towards our children who are growing up with terrible self-confidence leading to loneliness and depression.

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