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Not Fitting Into That Dress You Wore In College? Big Deal!

So you've gained some weight over the years, and don't fit into that favourite dress. Are you fit and able to be all that you are? Then why do you bother with the naysayers?

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The Flaw In My Smile That Wasn’t Fated To Be “Corrected”!

We look the prettiest when we smile and laugh with abandon. Allow yourself to smile from the heart, and see what a beautiful expression of life you'd be.

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Because The Struggle To Stay Body Positive In A Culture Obsessed With ‘Fair & Slim’ Is Real!

It has been difficult to be body positive and confident when everyone keeps shaming me for dark skin and my weight, but lately I've been trying to accept myself how I am. 

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“The Girl Is A Bit Dark Na?” Was The Verdict. No – I’m Brown And Beautiful

I'm brown and beautiful. I'm happy in my own skin. I might not have a fair skin like you, but my heart and mind is fair enought to leave you blind.

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If Nandita Das Went Out To Buy Makeup Products For Dark Skin, What Would She Find?
makeup products for dark skin

A couple of years ago, it would have been tough to find makeup products for dark skin. Has the situation changed? Has the cosmetic industry woken up to this need?

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I’m A Non-Hijabi, But Shouldn’t We Stop Judging Hijabi Women For Their Choice?
hijabi women

I'm a non-hijabi Muslim woman. On occasion of World Hijab Day, let me say that we shouldn't be judgemental of those who make a choice to wear the hijab.

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