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When A Stranger Asked Me ‘Have You Put On Weight?’ So Much Fat Phobia!

We as a society have so much in-built fat phobia that we don't hesitate to comment on others' bodies and even consider fat people lesser humans!

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Ashaji, What Is This Expectation You Have That Indian Women Should Be ‘Thin’ And ‘Feminine’?!

Asha Parekh recently made unsavoury comments about women's clothes choices, displaying her fat phobia, something that wasn't expected of a woman who had become a feminist icon of sorts. Sigh.

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When My 4yo Told Me ‘She Said I’m Not Beautiful Because My Skin Is Brown’!
brown child

It is heartbreaking when our children face discrimination. But it is quite possible to help them embrace themselves as they are.

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Curves May Be ‘Fascinating’ But Is That All There Is To A Woman?

When a woman does not fit into the 'beauty standards' set by society, why do we focus on the extra few pounds instead of understanding the struggles she goes through, and reduce her to just her body?

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My Child Is A Fussy Eater And It Is Okay!

Why is there this constant need to prove that if a child is of a certain weight and height, only then is he/she the epitome of normalcy? Let us change this narrative.

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From Ira Khan To Prof Fired For ‘Unsanskaari’ Pic On Insta, We LOVE Body Shaming Women!

Even a Kerala court recently decided that a woman could not file a molestation case because she was wearing a sexually provocative dress. See? I rest my case.

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