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body shaming
Rashmi Desai Being Age Shamed Shows Our Society’s Oppressive Beauty Norms

Recently actress Rashmi Desai on her Instagram stories called out faceless trolls and bullies for age shaming her. Why are a woman’s beauty and grace supposed to be related to her age?

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Slut Shaming To Body Shaming, Why Do Women Still Suffer The Burden Of Shame?

Shame is an emotion we are never able to fully understand or come to terms with since we have constantly been told to accept or even submit to it. 

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We Love Sameera Reddy’s Message To Body-Shamers In Which She Owns Her ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ Self!

Sameera Reddy shared an inspiring message against body-shaming and blocking the hate. Why is it still so tough for us to accept women as they are?

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Are We Ever Going To Stop Cracking Cruel Jokes On Skin Colour?

We've trolled a bunch of celebrities for endorsing fairness creams, a fairness cream changed its name, but nothing has changed!

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Khayali Pulao: When Her Heart Yearns To Wear Shorts, A Simple Freedom Denied Most Indian Girls
Khayali Pulao

Prajakta Koli's 'Khayali Pulao' is a subtle reminder that the empowerment of women is in the little things we change, the small ways in which we break status quo.

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Glow & Lovely?! Why Not Be Upfront And Just Admit To Our Fair Skin Fixation?
Glow and Lovely

What did HUL achieve by replacing the word 'Fair' with 'Glow'? Indian women come in all skin tones, and maybe it's high time the messaging for all the cosmetic products changes.

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