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body shaming
Neena Gupta Shuts Down Trolls Who Attacked Her On Insta For Wearing Shorts When Meeting Gulzar!

Society expects women to dress ‘modestly’ around men, particularly powerful men, and any woman who doesn't toe this line is attacked.

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My Love For Her Is All Consuming; There She Is, On The Other Side Of…

‘Nothing can make anyone love you! Nothing…’ Ma’s pet refrain rings in my ears. It is my constant companion. At her words my eyes flash. I hate you! I wish you were dead!

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I Am Fine With Not Being Fine And Believe Me, That’s Okay!
I am fine

As an overweight child and teenager, I would always say to anyone who asked me how I was, that "I am fine." But was I really fine?

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For The Last Time, Saying ‘She’s Brown But So Pretty’ Is NOT A Compliment!

Because apparently the color of my skin just wasn't acceptable, and if I wanted to find a good husband in the future and be successful, I needed to take care of my skin and become fair.

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Does Stand-up Comedy Give License To Poke Fun At A Disability Or Illness In Front Of Millions?

The 94th Academy Awards will go down in the pages of history, but for all the wrong reasons. By now, everyone has formed an opinion on ‘WillGate’- actor Will Smith punching comedian Chris Rock for cracking a distasteful joke about his wife Jada Smith. Rock had mentioned that he would like to see Jada in […]

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The Girl Without A Dupatta

I remember Smitha, her confidence, her self-love, and her don’t care attitude. If I hadn't been so worried about what my friends would think, she and I might have made great friends.

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