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body shaming
Glow and Lovely
Glow & Lovely?! Why Not Be Upfront And Just Admit To Our Fair Skin Fixation?

What did HUL achieve by replacing the word 'Fair' with 'Glow'? Indian women come in all skin tones, and maybe it's high time the messaging for all the cosmetic products changes.

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Stop Shaming People For Their Bodies, Your Words Might Hurt Them Forever!

Whether you're fat or thin, there will be people out there judging you and your every move. But instead of judging, what if you tried to understand them?

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If Fat Shaming Is Wrong, How Is Skinny Shaming OK?
skinny shaming

There was fat shaming for so long. Now we're skinny shaming people because of a very consumerist ideal of a woman's body. Not ok!

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Something Certainly Needs To Change, But It Isn’t Your Weight Young Woman!

Body shaming young people for their weight or looks is just not ok, especially when done by those close to them. 

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Adele May Have Won At Least 9 Grammy Awards But We Still Judge Her For Her Weight!

Amidst a pandemic, a picture posted by British singer Adele sent fans into a major frenzy. Her 'new look' makes you wonder if that's all she's worth?

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5 Yrs Jail & 50L Fine For Fairness Cream Ads Sounds Great, But What Does It Really Mean, And Is It Enough?
jail for fairness cream ads

Recent amendment suggested by Govt of India that proposes jail for fairness cream ads is a much needed step in the right direction, but what does it all really mean, and who will actually be punished?

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