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A traveler at heart and a writer by chance a vital part of a vibrant team called Women's Web. I Head Marketing at Women's and am always evolving new ways in which to build this community and our brand. I write about the stories that move me and the ideas that I believe in. I love cupcakes and dislike the tsunami of good morning messages that fill up my social media!

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Barbie movie
Barbie, Body Positivity, Babies, And More… What Do You Think?

The Barbie movie is supposed to be satirical and tackle some of the issues the thin doll did help create in the 90's, by focusing on one body type as ideal.

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It’s Becoming Hard To Believe When Venture Capitalists Say ‘We Don’t See Gender, We Fund Ideas’!

If you have been to Venture Capitalist events you would have heard some people say that they fund women owned start ups and idea stage company, that they don’t see gender when they fund companies and that they only look at scalable ideas. “We don’t see gender, we fund ideas”. This is the same sentiment […]

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How Women Can Elevate Their Brand Part I: Expand Your Network

Networking is an integral part of brand building. While network building and maintenance are different, both require discipline and practice. Here’s how I do it. 

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Inclusion Now
Inclusion Now: The Workforce Is Fluid, And We Are Ready For It! 

Inclusion Now is about fuelling the fluid workplace. With technology and better reach, we have the tools and resources to give the diverse workplace a chance to thrive.

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Should I Purchase Term Insurance To Save Taxes?

You are in your growing thirties, enjoying yourself with your family and having a balanced life. But, one fine day, you find that you have blood cancer. How hard would it hit you thinking about leaving your family without any financial support?

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The Day I Learnt That Being A Boy Was More Valuable

I learnt that being a girl, or in this case, having a girl doll was a drawback in the long run, as a 'wedding' meant I lost the doll to the boy doll's owner.

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I Wanted To Be One Of The Boys, Growing Up. For Boys Seemed To Have All The Fun!

Growing up, I believed in the stereotypes about boys - that boys had all the fun, and got to sit out while women worked in the kitchen! 

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Why Do Parents Act Only When They’ve Lost A Daughter To An Abusive Marriage?

Why do parents prefer to keep their daughter in an abusive marriage because "what will people say," instead of supporting her to get out?

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3 Things I Learnt About Privilege And The Lack Of It While Working At A Pizza Place

The recent Zomato incident with a delivery agent jogged some memories of mine from the time I worked in a pizza outlet at the front desk.

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series on Playboy
The Secrets Of PlayBoy, An Empire Built On The Backs Of Naked Women

A documentary series on Playboy and Hugh Hefner is an eye opener in many ways - a 'progressive' yet sexist man, Hefner built an empire, but did so by reducing women to their lowest being.

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Kids Peeking Into Your Call Isn’t A Cardinal Offence, As Most Workplaces Have Discovered

Women have always worked with one foot at work and the other at home, because they are expected to. Not so impossible, after all, as everyone working from home has discovered. 

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4 Little Women Of 1950s Kerala Who Showed Me What Independence Means

My grandmother and her sisters were not conventional 'strong women'. Yet, their quiet strength shines through their lives.

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Women ‘Give’ Sex And Men ‘Take’ Sex, Right? WRONG!

Our idea of sex and sexuality is completely messed up. Mostly because culturally women 'give' sex and men 'take' sex. This makes everything about the male gaze.

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Ambani wedding
6 Cheap-Ass Ways To Have A Wedding Like The Ambanis

The Ambani wedding is all that everyone is talking about these days. Now you want one like that. How can you manage to do so despite your poorer means? 

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An Absolutely Howlarious Tale Of “How To Be Miserable During The Monsoons” ROFL!

The author takes a 22 kms monsoon trek to the summit of Kudremukh peak, braves leech attacks and more, and lives to tell this rib tickling tale!

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Ocean’s 8 Has Female Bonding & No ‘Catfights’ But Such A Waste Of Mindy Kaling!

Oceans 8 has a stellar all-women cast, some kickass moments, and steers clear of cliches around women, but oh, what a waste to use Mindy Kaling this way!

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Parvathy given rape threats
Actress Expressing Opinion = ‘Feminachi’ But Rape Threats Should Be Permitted As ‘Free Speech’?

Award winning Malayalam actress Parvathy given rape threats for her opinion on misogyny in Malayalam cinema, but her trolls are protected for 'free speech'!

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Main Izzat Bol Rahi Hoon!

It can't be a long time since you might have heard somebody mention my name, Izzat. People are after me like crazy. Read my rant here!

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white water rafting
When I Did White Water Rafting On An All Women Trip To Ladakh

The story of my adventure of white water rafting on the Indus River with a daredevil all women crew, where I had gone on a tour with F5Escapes.

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Qarib Qarib Singlle
Qarib Qarib Singlle Is The Rom Com We Deserve And Not Harry Met Sejal

Tanuja Chandra's rom-com Qarib Qarib Singlle is an unusual film with a single working woman protagonist in her mid-30s, something Bollywood needs to make more of.

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A Hilarious Night With The HandleBards All Ladies Troupe In Bangalore

This Sunday evening, on a whim we booked tickets for the Shakespearean play As You Like It, performed by The Handlebards. Much hilarity ensued!

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Nuanced, Compelling, Emotional: Secret Superstar Can’t Get Enough Praise From Me!

A brilliant coming of age story with Zaira Wasim in the lead, Secret Superstar absolutely deserves your money. Go watch in theatres and root for Insiya!

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Sunita Always Dreamed Of Picking Up Her Husband’s Underwear And Washing It

What are young girls' dreams made of? Surely marriage and picking up men's underwear come into the picture somewhere!

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Prominent Malayalam Actor Dileep Arrested In Sexual Assault And Blackmail Case

Malayalam actor Dileep's frequently misogynistic actions, both on and off screen, are distasteful, to say the very least.

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3 Reasons Why Community Publishing Is Becoming A Hot Trend You Should Tap Into

When communities of determined people come together, community publishing can result in pretty creative and interesting material for all of us to enjoy!

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3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My First Job

Go in prepared for your first job with these three learnings - they apply to everybody but especially to women, who are often taught to do their work and sit quiet!

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Young Woman Murdered In Goa This Week As A Result Of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Culture

On Tuesday this week, Goa woke up to the sexual assault and murder of a 28 year old Irish tourist on an isolated beach. Goa isn’t unsafe – what is unsafe is our culture of toxic masculinity. There has been shock and public outcry at the heinous crime in Goa and it definitely affects the good […]

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Free Badrinath Ki Dulhania, She Is Being Held Hostage

Badrinath Ki Dulhania badly needs a campaign to free her from this stalker who insists that he is a 'nice guy'. As for Badrinath, get your yourself already!

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How Many Of These 10 Scrumptious Indian Breakfast Ideas Have You Tried?

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. Here are some mouthwatering Indian breakfast ideas that you can try.

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Nominate For The 2nd Annual International Women’s Day Award Function

Women’s Web is happy to announce the 2nd Annual International Women’s Day award function by the Delhi Commission for Women. Nominations are open. The Delhi Commission for Women on the occasion of the International Women’s Day will host its 2nd annual International Women’s Day award function on 8th March. The Commission will honour those individuals […]

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How To Avoid Getting Beaten Up By The Moral Police & Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Wear saffron, date at the railway station and 5 other brilliant ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, that do not involve being married off by your local goons in a fake ceremony.

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A Kerala Woman Refuses To ‘Not’ Call Her Fiance By Name. Respect!

Does the archaic tradition of not calling your husband by name make any sense at all? One woman from Kerala refuses to bow down. What does marriage achieve? It is a social construct with some amazing pros and some society driven cons which have been doled out by the bucketful for the wife in the […]

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The 500 Rupee repeal is More Complex Than You Think. Here’s Why!

A surprise move in which the PM yesterday announced the demonetizing of currency notes of denominations 500 and 1000 has social media in a flutter.

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Yes, I’m Calling the Bullshit On Child Free Zones Here

Child Free Zones on aircraft are not only unfair to parents who shell out extra for kids - they are also practically useless and unfriendly to women. Here's why.

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Why Indian Women Should Wear What They Used To Wear In The Earlier Days

Moral police have been underlining the 'fact' that the traditional dress of Indian women is the saree. Otherwise the women will be unsafe! Really?

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Damn! In Ghost Land Too, It’s Women Doing All The Work, It Appears!

A humorous take on how female ghosts in movies, as seen in Bollywood. The number of female ghosts does seems to be way over the number of male ghosts!

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Meenakshi’s Wedding [#ShortStory]

Even today, many Indian girls have their dreams of an education crushed when they are 'married off' at an early age. A short story that speaks of this.

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Once Upon A Time, We Had Rajani On Indian TV. Now We Have Simar Turned Fly

Do you ever long for the good old days of Indian TV, when female characters had things to do, and real stuff to say? 

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Eating Without Being Able To See? Experience It At This Unique Restaurant In Hyderabad, Bangalore, And Chennai

Find out what it is like eating at Dialogue In The Dark, a restaurant where you eat in total darkness, trusting your other senses and the servers through the meal.

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Blame It On the Bra, Or Wardrobe Malfunctions That Make Me Laugh

Sometimes, whether it is a bra or a relationship, that perfect fit eludes us. Here is a funny story.

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Is A Kenyan Safari With Kids Doable? Hell, Yes!

Planning trips acquire a new dimension when we travel with little kids. Here is a fun account of a Kenyan safari with kids.

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My Cheat Sheet For Promising Women Drivers In India

Are women drivers oddities? Or so-called warrior women? A tongue-in-cheek list of tips fro promising women drivers.

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Travelling To China For The First Time? Here Are 12 Tips For You

China is a great country to travel and explore and we made many great memories on the trip. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are travelling to China for the first time, though.

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How I Survived Complete Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Even a normal pregnancy can be a difficult time, both physically and mentally. If there is a need for complete bed rest during pregnancy, things become tougher. Anju Jayaram shares her experience of just such a pregnancy.

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Christmas Around The World In These 6 Wonderful Countries Will Charm You

Christmas around the world celebrates the same joyous spirit, yet each place has its own, unique flavour. Find out more about Christmas around the world!

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Forget Those Jokes About Marriage. Marriage Can Mean Freedom Too!

Freedom is very essential in any relationship - and that includes freedom in a marriage too. Each half of a couple needs freedom to be themselves and to follow their passions.

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Sexual Harassment from the Perpetuators Point of View:An Open Letter To My Son

In this open letter written by a Mom to her teenage son trying to teach him to empathize and see life from the other’s point of view.

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Things I Have Lost While Traveling : Some Things Are Worth Losing

A woman who has shifted many homes and cities shares her experience of losing some things in all the madness of packing and unpacking!

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20 Culture Shocks That Indians Experience in America

A land of dreams and opportunities, America can still pose culture shocks for those of us who haven't been there.

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The Success Stories That Belong To Women Alone: Meeting Naina Lal Kidwai

30 Women In Power By Naina Lal Kidwai is all about successful women in India and their inspiring stories. Here is our report on its launch.

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The Big Fat Kerala Wedding: Time To Cap The Expenses?

With Indian marriage expenses becoming astronomical, the Kerala women's commission suggests that its time to set a cap on expenses. Agree/Disagree?

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21 Signs That You Have Turned 30

In a very candid and humorous way, Anju Jayaram tells us the 21 signs that you have turned 30. Check out how many of them you agree with.

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20 Delicious International Dishes That Will Leave You Drooling

These 20 delicious international dishes shortlisted from a hungry traveller's wanderings around the world will leave you drooling - and looking for the next flight deal you can find!

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9 Ways To Woo A Woman According To Bollywood

To stand up against sexual harassment, we first need to know that harassment comes in many forms, including these sanctioned by Bollywood.

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How To Say No At Work: Lessons From The Women’s Web #StepAbove Chat

Saying No is difficult especially if it is at work but the repercussions are huge as it hampers efficiency. Read on to know more about what #WomenatWork in India think.

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Travel Diary: 5 Lessons I Learnt From Life At A Plantation

Traveling can have many lessons for us, including the simplest one - of living in the moment. 5 lessons remembered from a holiday in verdant Coorg.

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The Best Time To Introduce Your Child To The Outdoors? It Is Now!

Journeys are probably a child's best teachers. This author's stay at the Tata Coffee Plantation Trails in Coorg, introduced her toddler to the nature.

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should I do cord blood banking
How And Why I Chose Cord Blood Banking

Should you choose to go in for cord blood banking? And if yes, how does one go about choosing a stem cell bank?

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Coorg : A Haven For The Novice Bird Watcher

Bird watching in Coorg is an immersive experience! This novice bird watcher felt blessed after birding at the Tata Coffee Plantation Trails in Coorg.

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interview questions to female candidates
Asking These Interview Questions To Female Candidates? Please Stop!

Asking personal interview questions to female candidates is common and seen as 'normal', although they are neither useful nor fair.

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Babies, House-help, and Age: 25 Hilarious Reasons To Get Married!

More often than not, Indian parents are more excited about marriage than their kids. Here's a list of 25 hilarious reasons why Indian parents want their kids to marry!

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For The Love Of Food : A Cooking Class In Thailand

Learning to cook the local cuisine is a great way to mix life's greatest pleasures of good food and travel. Here's a wonderful account of a cooking class in Thailand!

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How To Have An Indian Train Adventure

The Indian experience is incomplete without a train ride. Here is a tongue-in-cheek take on the Great Indian Train Adventure!

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Ranjeeta Vinil
Ranjeeta Vinil: From Breast Cancer Survivor To Healthcare Entrepreneur

Meet Ranjeeta Vinil, a healthcare entrepreneur who helps patients deal better with chronic illness and treatment.

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Learning Fun for Generation Z With Apps And Games

If used in moderation, tablets and fun apps for kids can help you keep them entertained. Here is a list of useful fun and learning apps for young children. This post is written as part of a series where bloggers on Women’s Web experiment with the new Dell Venue tab, and use it for various work and […]

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Stopping Child Labour, With Suma Ravi [Interview]

Read about child rights, violations, and stopping child labour in India in this conversation with Suma Ravi, Director, South, of CRY (Child Rights and You).

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Bylakuppe: Discovering Tibet On The Road To Coorg

This little slice of Tibet lives hidden in a corner of Karnataka, in the lush and beautiful Coorg, or Kodagu district. A photo and video blog. This post is written as part of a series where bloggers on Women’s Web experiment with the new, handy Dell Venue tab, and use it for various work and leisure […]

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The Bad Bad West? Think Again!

A more balanced perspective about our own culture, and that of the West, would serve us well - says this thoughtful post.

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The Bride From Kerala Who Refused To Be Gold Plated

This is the story of Elizabeth Chandy, a young woman from Kerala who decided to defy the pressure to wear inordinate amounts of gold on your wedding day.

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The story of the Y chromosome
Y Makes A Man: The Fascinating Story Of The Y Chromosome

The all important Y chromosome that delivers the much awaited boy child in India: Did you know it is changing in ways that could alter the future of humankind?

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I Am Not Fat Anymore!

An unhealthy obsession with weight affects everyone- men, women, and even little girls. It's time to focus on health, not weight.

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