Babies, House-help, and Age: 25 Hilarious Reasons To Get Married!

More often than not, Indian parents are more excited about marriage than their kids. Here's a list of 25 hilarious reasons why Indian parents want their kids to marry!

More often than not, Indian parents are more excited about marriage than their kids. Here’s a list of 25 hilarious reasons why Indian parents want their kids to marry!

In our culture, marriage is seen as the cure for all problems, real or imagined. Marriage seems to be the ultimate aim of most people. Their life starts and ends with the aim of getting married. Daughters are groomed to become dutiful wives and sons are taught to get good returns on investment when they get married.

The whole community gets involved in getting a boy or girl on the brink of adulthood, married. Chacha, chachi, distant cousins – all look at the girl or boy (who has just completed education) as prospective brides or grooms at the wedding they would soon like to attend.  Getting married is also termed as ‘settling down’ but how can anyone be settled when they are in the 20s or even 30s?

Marriage is an age-old tradition, and comes with its share of benefits and problems, but the reasons why Indian parents want their wards to get married are often hilarious. So here is a compilation of 25 hilarious (but often real) reasons why parents want to play match-maker to their kids.

    ‘Marriageable age’

  1. Because the astrologer said that my son needs to get married before he turns 22, and we don’t even change the curtains without consulting the astrologer
  2. If she gets older than 23, no one will marry her!
  3. We need to get our younger daughter married and we will use the dowry we get in our son’s marriage, and get the daughter married. Perfect financial planning!
  4. Because my daughter was singing love songs the other day. Let’s get her married before she starts getting ideas about sex and stuff
  5. My daughter is getting more involved in her career, let’s get her married so that she comes to her senses and becomes a homely wife
  6. Because my daughter is developing grown-up things on her body.
  7. The neighbours were asking about when my daughter is getting married

    Solution to all ‘ills’

  8. Marriage will cure my son’s mental illness or depression and they can have cute little babies
  9. Well, because my daughter is in love with someone who is not from the same caste
  10. Hmm, because the neighbours’ son was looking at my daughter in ‘that’ way
  11. Marriage will cure my son’s homosexuality and reform him
  12. My son is a drug addict and everyone knows that marriage is the best rehab

    The Daughter-in-law as house-help

  13. My son is lazy and untidy, let the daughter-in-law do the rest of the parenting
  14. Because my son does not have a job, and marriage will transform him into a responsible human being
  15. My son is getting transferred to another city and there is no one to cook for him
  16. We want to retire and need someone to look after us, so lets get a daughter-in-law who will stay at home
  17. Because the maid left us to get married, so let’s get the son married so that he can bring a daughter-in-law.
  18. Because there is no one to look after grandpa, so let’s go get a daughter-in-law to look after him

    Babies, and other dreams

  19. Grandmother is dying and she would like to see her great- grandkids
  20. Because we are getting bored and we need grandchildren
  21. We haven’t had a party in a long time in the family
  22. My daughter has always wanted to go abroad, so let’s get her married
  23. There is an auspicious date coming this year which is the best date for marriage. So let’s hurry and find a bride before this date!
  24. Because my daughter has a life-threatening illness, so let’s get her married before anyone finds out
  25. My son wants to go abroad for studying or wants to start a business, let’s get him married and let the girls parents provide for the expenses when they pay dowry.

The most important reasons why someone wants a partner in their life or want to live in are  often overlooked in this circus called the wedding. Add you own reasons of why you think Indian parents want their children to marry!

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