How Women Can Elevate Their Brand Part I: Expand Your Network

Networking is an integral part of brand building. While network building and maintenance are different, both require discipline and practice. Here’s how I do it. 

If I say, “Brand-building is an everyday job,” would you agree? If yes, you would also acknowledge that regular network expansion becomes integral for growing your brand. As the co-founder and business lead at Women’s Web, I have explored some sure-shot ways in which network expansion can hold the reins of your brand.

A few days ago, I got the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs to exchange notes on establishing and expanding their business identities. My talk focused on brand elevation through networking maximization with general stakeholders. Here’s an insight into network building and maintenance.

Identify networking opportunities

My foremost networking principle is to keep researching potential leads. There is no end to that.

Here are some ways in which you can expand your network to elevate your business:

Attend networking events

Network expansion requires you to be social. When you want your business noticed, ensure your presence at industry-related events. Such networking avenues allow you to engage with leaders interested in the same field.

Listening to their ideas, you can gauge how they use their resources to excel. Moreover, these connections set the stage for mutually beneficial future collaborations.

Make the first move

When you know a beneficial stakeholder will be present at a networking event, make the first move and interact with them. In fact, as a business owner, you must introduce your business to all potential partners.

The best way to do this is to be well-versed in your material and talking points. Be consistent with your business pitch and use it to promote your brand.

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Utilize the established network

Treasuring established professional relationships can help you expand your brand. Maintain an active relationship with these connections. You can do this by adding them to your blogging circles or newsletter.

>Share your work with these individuals and ask them to pass it on further to relatable leads. Your established connections can be reference points if you keep them updated on your projects.

As you can see, brand elevation is about value creation and maintenance. How can you maintain your existing network as you keep extending it?

Notes on network maintenance

As you expand your network, simultaneously engage with connections. Value the bond you have created with them.

Here are some points you should remember as you undertake this crucial business practice:

Align your networking goals with your business goals

Your business goals dictate your networking goals. They tell you what networking strategies can help you grow. To tackle this question, think about how you want your brand to capture consumer attention. Plan your networking campaigns or events based on the answers.

Make the right connections

Make professional connections that can help your business grow. Collaborate with organizations for events that reflect your business identity rather than being a random affiliate.

Your brand should have an identity rather than just being your extension. Make sure you draw a line between your business and personal network.

Active engagement can go a long way

As a business leader, you must maintain a warm relationship with the community. A few things you can do are:

  • React to consumer feedback and think of ways to improve your brand.
  • Engage with the questions consumers have about your brand to provide clarity.
  • Give your consumers and partners a reason to collaborate with you. Tell them what your brand can do to improve their lifestyle.
  • Host events or workshops to get to know your community better.

At Women’s Web, we frequently engage in such practices through physical and virtual mediums.

Communicate effectively

Remember, your followers engage with your brand because they like your material. Keep them updated on the projects you will embark on as you expand your business.

Keep them aware of your business goals and progress journeys. Use effective communication to describe your brand identity so that consumers can reflect on the content you present to them.

As you know, Women’s Web is a network that thrives with community engagement. My experiences over the years have taught me how networking can be an effective tool to ensure brand growth. Each point mentioned here has a story and learning attached to it. With how many of these points do you agree? Let’s talk!

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