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A former journalist, a freelance content creator and a mom blogger who can be found scribbling away in her many diaries, when she’s not entertaining or learning from her young daughter. A spiritually-inclined woman whose idea of feminism is ever-evolving.

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How my daughter is teaching me to love my skin color
How My Daughter Is Teaching Me To Love My Skin Colour

My mother grew up with no love for her skin colour and internalized the message that the world around her was screaming in her ears.

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Without Worrying About Having A Bikini Body Or Men Staring, I Bought My First Bikini At Age 36!

Can a bikini liberate? My middle-class Indian values have always found the idea confusing. But when I wore it for the 1st time at the age of 36, it made me feel empowered and liberated! 

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Kriti Sanon’s Mimi Maybe Imperfect, But Raises Few Meaningful Issues

A review on Kriti Sanon's Mimi. It is a bundle of contradictions- but an emotional ride that brings a lot of food for thought. 

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Unrealistic Sanitary Pad Ads That Show A Cheery Girl Seem To Be Made For The Men Watching…

Sanitary pad ads set unrealistic standards for women to 'fly and slay' while bleeding, masking the issues of health and discomfort suffered by women.

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It’s Not ‘Culture’ Telling Women To Stop Wearing Shorts, It’s Patriarchy!

Were you also asked not to wear shorts at home because there were men around? Did you wonder why you had to do so? I may have answers!

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Dear Amma, You Weren’t ‘Crazy’ Or ‘Mad,’ We Failed To Understand You And Your Mental Illness!

She was labeled crazy and the 'mad one' because of her quirky habits and rage. A woman voicing her opinion is often termed crazy, isn't she?

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Battling PPD On My Own In A New Country Wasn’t Easy, But This Is How I Did It

With a new baby in a new country without friends or family, I waited for my baby blues to get over and felt like I was losing myself, until...

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You Don’t Get To ‘Religion’ Shame Me For Not Following The Same Religion As My In-Laws!

I was born and raised following a different religion than the one I follow today. But how does not following your religion make a bad woman?

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I Was 30, She Was 52 And An American Woman. Yet We Became The Best Of Friends!

The first time we met, she told me about all the things I would need to create a home in her country. She was an American married to an Indian.

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Saroj Khan
Saroj Khan, My 1st Dancing Guru Taught Me That An ‘Ideal Body Shape’ Isn’t Necessary To Dance

Seeing Saroj Khan was believing that dancing actually had nothing to do with one’s body weight or shape. If one had the desire to dance, one could dance.

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I’d Rather Be Dark-Skinned Than Have Darkness In My Heart – Why We Need To Address Colourism

Racism, casteism, colourism and body shaming are a part of our society, often disguised under the garb of 'jokes.' This why they need to be addressed.

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Dear Shahid Kapoor, I Loved You In Jab We Met, But With Kabir Singh, My Love For You Is All But Gone!

As a former Shahid Kapoor fan, here’s why I’ve an issue with Shahid Kapoor’s choice of Kabir Singh. And why in 2020, we don't need such misogynistic ideas.

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As I Flip Through Maa’s Art, I Wonder If Her Drawings Were The Red Herring…

Today, as I flip through one of her black diaries, I see a pattern. Some pages are filled with a lot of red. It didn't matter what she drew, it was all red.

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On The Death Of George Floyd, I Remembered The Racist In Me

George Floyd's death in Minneapolis made me reflect upon my own biases as an Indian in the US. And now, I am unlearning my biases and learning acceptance.

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