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Dear Shahid Kapoor, I Loved You In Jab We Met, But With Kabir Singh, My Love For You Is All But Gone!

Posted: June 23, 2020

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As a former Shahid Kapoor fan, here’s why I’ve an issue with Shahid Kapoor’s choice of Kabir Singh. And why in 2020, we don’t need such misogynistic ideas.

Dear Shahid Kapoor,

You are good at what you do. But this time, your choice of script disappointed me big time. I don’t want to talk about my expectations from you, as there are none. But I definitely want to believe that you’re evolving both, as a human and as an artist, just like so many of us.

I watched Jab We Met while I was in hostel, doing my PG. We have literally grown up together, dude! How old were you then? 26, I believe? So tell me is it wrong to expect a little more responsibility from you?

And yet, in 2019, you decided to choose a script that screams of misogyny at a whole new level! 

Why shouldn’t these characters exist on screen, really?

I don’t know how much the director changed the storyline for Bollywood, but the trailer showed me enough. When you’ve watched Arjun Reddy, you kinda know where it’s heading right? One argument that many fans are making is that such characters exist in our society. So what’s wrong in having one on screen?

Yes sir and ma’am they do exist. It’s shameful that they do. But do we have to glorify them in 2019? Think again.

Anger is a problem that needs to be dealt with. The violence that follows can and has actually killed people. When you show an angry hero, you cannot give him a happy ending without solving his issues. Is it not obvious that his behavior in the world absolutely needs intervention?

I wish the writers had thought of solutions to the problem instead of glorifying and hero-worshipping a character that doesn’t deserve any applause! But when you don’t even see something as a problem, why would you look for solutions right?

And that’s what’s wrong with this movie.

My love for Shahid Kapoor is all but gone now

As for Shahid, my Jab We Met days are over, my love. Thank you for putting one last nail in that coffin! (Can’t believe how much love and thought I gave this guy!)

PS: I shall continue to draw inspiration from Jab We Met. Also, I shall continue to believe that Shahid is an incredible actor. Just that I won’t want to remember him as Kabir now!

PPS: As a woman, you might just question yourself when confronting the misogyny in this movie. Please be strong. Try and erase all that you’ve been taught in the name of ‘love’ and ‘romance.’

That’s how patriarchy has conditioned our brains girls! Just imagine!

For now, I’ll take solace in the fact that today, young girls have access to a new viewpoint and to so many other perspectives on such horrible scripts.

It’s 2020 and time we start questioning what we are being fed in the name of ‘commercial cinema.’

A version of this was earlier published here.

Picture credits: Still from Kabir Singh

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