Shilpashree Jagannathan

I am a journalist from India. I now live in Toronto and have worked as a business reporter for leading newspapers in India. I have tracked telecom, infrastructure, and real estate news developments and have produced podcast series. I currently focus on human rights, feminist movements, and other related issues in Canada and India. My weekends are spent bird watching in one of the Toronto birding hotspots; I love trails, biking, and a lot of sun.

Voice of Shilpashree Jagannathan

Stop Making Jokes About Our Bra Size And Mind Your Business

We need to stop stereotyping women's bodies, and also be more sensitive towards our children who are growing up with terrible self-confidence leading to loneliness and depression.

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glass escalator
Ayushmann’s Glass Escalator Moment In DoctorG And Why It Matters To Career Women

The glass escalator refers to men who work in traditionally female-dominated fields, such as nursing, education, and social work, being promoted faster than their female colleagues.

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Why Your Husband Or Boyfriend Often Can’t Stand Your BFF

Your women friends, the sisterhood they form, can be your safe space, your haven, a safety net when stuck in an abusive relationship or marriage.

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11 Data Backed Reasons, Why Women Can't Work In India!
11 Data Backed Reasons, Why Women Can’t Work In India!

Dear Sonali Kulkarni, here is a list of 11 reasons, backed by data, explaining why women can't work for salaried jobs in India!

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