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I Am Enough, I Am A Woman

Posted: January 8, 2018

#Poetry. As a girl, I wasn’t enough when I was born, neither was I enough at every stage of life. But today, I realise that I am. I am a woman, and I am enough!

I wasn’t enough,
When I arrived, my mom cried
She swallowed a gold leaf to produce her crown, a boy
To fill in her humiliated heart, surge of deserved joy
But then I arrived, my mom cried
Pretty, healthy baby whose hair had curls
But I wasn’t enough, I was a girl
My existence unwanted, my choices rejected
I treaded on a path holding my head high
But that lane would accept coy cows who were shy
The sanskari ones, frozen hearts, who existed or not, God
But in my veins, there were alive volcanoes
I wasn’t enough, to be cast in their mould
To behave in a pattern which was age old
They pounced, they shouted, fingers pointed
To break, destroy that element which makes me bold
Shattered, scared, tamed, at last I followed their race
Where the destination was unknown
With fear in my heart, I got used and thrown
Once again, trapped in their world,
Where I wasn’t enough
Each step was risky, trashy and rough
And then
That warm, cute bundle of joy arrived
Who searched me, frantically all over?
Who couldn’t stay away from me?
For even an hour, my unabashed ruler
My one month old daughter
Who couldn’t even utter a word?
Spoke to me in a language
The language of faith, the language of love
She birthed me as a mother
Her eloquent eyes, her touch telling me
“You are the only one mom, what I need”
The lava within me transforms into tears
Welled up, accumulated from years
My heart becomes a mirror
Crystal clear
Reflecting a picture of a mother
Who is enough, more than enough?
The mother the creator
Who has the power
To enthuse HOPE in every sphere
And now every fear
This Mom is enough to conquer
So let’s cheer!
I am a Woman

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Image source: pexels

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