Have You Heard Of JOMO? The Joy Of Missing Out!

JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out is telling oneself that it’s good to not be everywhere. If one realizes the benefit of being in this zone of JOMO and they learn to feel content with what they have then stop this constant need to compete.

A quick look into mental health statistics would imply that anxiety is more rampant now than it has ever been. It’s like an epidemic. Nobody is left out. You can find studies all over the web that depression-related disorders have increased exponentially over the last few years. 

And I am noticing so many youngsters aiming to pursue Psychology and the demand. Why is this the case?

I am observing the advent of this unnamed anxiety in urban women all the more.

The anxiety caused by fear of missing out called FOMO

FOMO is an acronym for “FEAR OF MISSING OUT

It is that feeling of missing out on all those good things which others are having, indulging or are simply blessed with. It derives from the sense of comparison of oneself with others. That lurking comparison creates kind of anger, worthlessness and underlying fear of not being enough or doing enough like others.

And social media plays an instrumental role in aggravating and fueling this FOMO. Seeing one’ friends/peers soaking in luxuries of life and seemingly living a better life than oneself causes certain anxiety in one’s mind.

It’s a tendency to fall into a trap of trends. Competing in those races which are not even relevant but participating just for the sake of not being seen or fearing being out of the game.

Social media makes us competitive and scared

The rise of social media’s influence is unquestionable and the fact that it has become an integral part of our lives. These social media apps keep throwing cues and ads which don’t add value but are simply trending.

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It’s like a chain reaction. You like it or not but you feel compelled to follow the herd or at least invest your time to notice it. This scrolling happens just unconsciously without realizing that the person watching it may not need that product or indulge in that activity at all.

If one is not existing on social media, the person is not existing in Gen Z’s opinion. The number of fans, followers, subscribers define the reputation of a person in the society.

And its adverse implications are not just anxiety or uneasiness. If you ask mental health experts, it becomes a serious addiction affecting the brain to that extent that the brain craves for instant gratification. Our m I inds get trained in such a way that this hunger of gratification and external approval becomes a habit.

Our minds get conditioned to get external approvals. It affects the sleep patterns and hits the mindfulness as well as productivity to a large extent too. Feeling depressed without any reason or persistent anxiety has become so prevalent in today’s busy lives.

As we can’t deny the importance of social media, one rationale is to time the usage. But adolescents tend to hang out 24/7 just not to miss out anything. They don’t want to feel left out.

The adverse effects of being there just to avoid FOMO is low self-esteem and falling into victimhood. It becomes addictive more than alcohol or smoking.

There is an itch to check, being there in the chat or staying online. The other adverse effect is lack of focus, as staying online, one tends to switch apps, the mind is distracted between visual auditory things. This craving of immediate gratification does affect the quality of sleep.

So how to stay content, focused and mindful.

The answer is JOMO.

JOMO is an acronym for joy of missing out

Instead, if one focuses on Joy of Missing Out telling oneself that it’s good to not be everywhere. If one realizes the benefit of being in this zone of JOMO and learns to stay content in what blessings one has and not comparing oneself with others, it could save so many lives from the epidemic anxiety which is spreading like wildfire.

Feeling content in what we have and focusing on slow living, not following the trends but leading the life of our own choice.

The life which is not tarnished by current trends, current fashion and current toys but well rooted on one’s own authenticity. If one decides to enjoy the JOMO then the power is infinite and one could lead a stress-free life, fuller life, calmer life.

One could be on social media apps but being there by choice. Some practical ways which I could think of, in order to utilize social media as well having JOMO could be:

  • Time bound Usage – an hour daily, there are apps on phones which tell your usage daily, how much time you spent on various apps and keeping track and regulating the usage helps in reducing screen time. One could also define days to avoid social media.
  • Focus on creation – social media proves to be constructive if one uses to create the post and then detaching from it immediately. Curbing that desire of approval. That craving of number of likes and comments. That requires training of mind and discipline but one could attain that attitude. This way creation happens more than the consumption.
  • Difficult  Access  –   Deleting the most addictive app from phone and using it through a laptop/PC – this practice really helps in preventing mindless scrolling as the access is little farther.
  • Selective Presence – Following or seeing only those accounts which really add value and are inspiring.
  • Frequent Digital Detox – One could pledge to have a digital detox during a certain time like birthday month, yearend, summer holidays in order to get rejuvenated and enjoy the perks of slow living

I believe simplicity, authenticity, minimalism, kindness and gratitude, these are basic pillars of a good life full of JOMO.

Especially in this overwhelming era of rapid change in trends, and maddening pressure to catch up with the latest, this Joy of Missing out definitely leads to contentment, composure and absolute happiness.

So, JOMO More, FOMO less.

Are you ready for JOMO to unleash your Mojo?

Image source: shylendrahoode via getty images, free on CanvaPro 

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