If I Was A Hedgehog, I Could Hurt Those Privileged Hand Of Yours

Poetry: Life of a woman is hard, being a working woman is harder. Sharing workspace with my abuser every day makes want to become a hedgehog!

TW: Workplace sexual harassment, abuse of power.

My blood starts rushing,

Every time I smell your cologne

Don’t be flattered,

Cause I don’t mean this in a good way,

My blood rushes in a panicked, begging for help way

Cause every time you come close,

I know a part of you will touch my skin

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In a way, my body doesn’t like

Sometimes I wish I was a hedgehog,

So, I could hurt those privileged hand of yours

And get away with no consequences.

But I know I won’t ever will be one,

So I silently tolerate and count the days

I rush home as soon as the clock strikes 6

I dive into my bed and weep

For being a coward today as well

I wish to be brave enough someday

To launch a sucker punch in your face

And walk away with grace

But I know the day isn’t close

And once again patiently I count the days

And rush home as soon as the clock strikes 6

Count the days to what? You may ask

I count the days to your demise.

I often times wonder,

Maybe the things I wish are too cruel

Only to realize they aren’t harsh enough

For the things you put me through

So dear privileged,

I wait for the day your immortality fades away.

Image source: Still from HER – “LET THE VOICE BE YOURS” by Bombay Diaries, edited on CanvaPro

If our readers or someone they know is facing harassment in their workspace, please try to support and help them get in touch with the right authorities. 

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