7 Highly Recommended, Cool Safety Devices For Women In Public Spaces

Women need to step out at all hours but crime against them is also increasing. This calls for safety devices for women that can be easily carried and used.

Women need to step out at all hours but crime against them is also increasing. This calls for safety devices for women that can be easily carried and used.

It’s 2018, and women are still feeling insecure to step out alone, especially at nights. This might be due to the increase in reports of crimes, abuses, harassments and other violence against women. Despite such concerns, the majority of women make a bold move to get to work and provide for themselves and their families.

We as a family member or a friend, or as a responsible employer can make their life easy. Using the latest technology to give them a safe and secure path to work and back home. This is the least we could do for their sacrifices.

Below are the seven recommendable trackable safety devices to ensure the security of our loved ones.

Personal alarms

Security devices have the upper hand when it comes to security features merged with fashion. Personal alarms initially were incorporated with key chains, but now the current market offers the same system in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.

With a simple twist or push of the button, the device makes a loud noise with a range of up to 50 feet. The trigger and range vary from product to product.

Trackable pendant

A trackable pendant is usually the size of a regular duct tape. Pin it to clothing or a purse, or you could even make a necklace out of it.

The user has to hold the button for 2 – 3 seconds to trigger the alarm. This reaction will notify the current location of the user to the authorised personnel. In order to prevent accidental alerts, the device has an adjourning button at the centre. There are also pendants in the market which can send silent alerts in case the user is suspicious of being a target.

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Trackable bracelet

A trackable bracelet is a wearable device with a wide range of fashion choices. Wear it like a bracelet or watch and push the button(s) which are either side, to trigger the alarm and notify the concerned person. Depending on the dealer, there is plenty of room for fashion choices. Additional feature such as synchronised phone recording can come in handy when in need.

Other wearable devices

There are several other wearable products available that come in various designs and colours. Devices in the form of a necklace, watch, sole or a bracelet are common, where security is in place without having to sacrifice your fashion choices.

An app on your phone

There are several apps available in the current leading digital stores that allow the user to keep track while travelling alone. An attack can happen at any time with an element of surprise to it. At times like those, one wouldn’t have time to unlock their phone to make a call or send alerts.

Apps such as Watch Over Me have the option to send alerts to the concerned person with a simple shake of your phone. Features in an app vary from developer to developer, so, take your time and make a wise choice depending on your needs.

Personal tracker

The ultimate purpose of any personal tracking device is to keep a watchful eye on the location of your loved ones. The watchful eye could be a family member or a cop, depending on the authorization of the concerned person choice. A personal tracker is coherent with GPS technology that helps to track the precise location of the person in real-time. Generate alerts with a simple push of a button on the object, which is coherent to the device.

Pepper spray

Small and handy, a pepper spray is easy to use and carry. It’s an easy fit into the pocket and cosmetic purse. Aim at the eyes of the attacker for best results. The attacker will experience excruciating pain, short-term blindness, coughing, sneezing and heavy flow of tears.

Violence and harassment against women has been increasing every minute. The above-recommended self-defense equipment aims only to boost their confidence and lead a peaceful lifestyle, and minimize their risk of being a victim.

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