A note to all the young women struggling

A note to all the young women struggling


The amount of mental work it takes to recover from a traumatic event cannot be explained.to fall into a loop of serious mental struggles and nobody being able to help and pull you out of that place where the solution is for you to just get up and fight back and break the loop where your biggest enemy is yourself and also your savior as well. The mental strength you develop after fighting back and getting back up after taking continuous blows from life is incomparable. I seriously do feel bad for people who have never been through miserable heart-breaking events throughout their life. Because even though it might seem like a blessing to never have suffered at the hands of bad fate. It also gatekeeps you from experiencing emotions at their peak and in their truest form and also the ability to control and overcome emotions can only be learnt through going through traumatic events. It’s not possible to have empathy without being dragged through the mud where no one showed you empathy. It has always been this way. May be such is the irony of life. To go through misery and heart break is the only way to appreciate happiness and abundance completely. To feel happiness, we have to go through pain.

Thinking about this does bring back some memories, both hurtful and happy which have taught me so much that no one would have ever taught me in my life. I’m grateful for the rotten fruits in my garden because they are the reason, I have learnt to appreciate the good ones.

For young women who are in their early twenties who struggle to find their strength and look for it in other people. Look back at yourself and how you have survived this long. You made it to your twenties despite the struggles and laybacks. You are still flashing a smile every time you look at people. You have learnt to be resilient, confident and forthcoming on your own. Maybe it’s time for you to appreciate yourself a little, maybe it’s time for you to let go a little and maybe it’s time for you to live your life a little.


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