The World Is Allergic To Women Who Are Chill, So What Is Success For Us Then?!

I would never be considered a successful woman according to society because I wouldn’t want to push myself to the point of exhaustion and breakdowns or get married and have kids.

What is success?

While I’m stuck in my twenties, a thought that keeps rampaging through my mind is what is success?

How would I define success?

Would my definition of success meet the kind of success my life needs?

I see friends working day and night sacrificing every second of their free time just for a good future.

But does sacrificing your whole life for the sake of future which is not even certain really the pathway to success?

Is pushing yourself to the edge of exhaustion considered as success?

Why can’t leading a peaceful life with financial safety considered as success?

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A man with a job is considered successful and settled in the eyes of the society whereas a woman is only successful when she gets married or pregnant because what could be more important to women other than becoming baby machines and a sexualized maid for her husband’s family.

But then again, the dilemma of being a woman sets in

Would a modern woman who is educated and not working her ass off to manage personal and professional life hold any value in this country? But it seems like that’s the only way a woman would be considered successful and valuable according to society.

The world is allergic to women who are chill, resting or having fun. Cause we are all so used to seeing women running, panicking and always doing something or the other.

So, to be a successful woman who meets the social norms, I have to be a restless, sleepless, lifeless zombie whose life goal is to keep everyone around her happy while sacrificing her life. The definition seems very familiar; it’s the same old definition of success for women which was to become a mother and family women who is self-sacrificing, a little modified plus additional financial burden put on top of it is the new definition of a modern successful women. if I’m anything other than that there would be people lining up to tell me how ungrateful I am for not giving back to my family and my husband who allowed me to exist and treated me like a human.

Whereas the definition of success varies vastly for men. men can be lazy, sleep all day and do anything and still work and they would be given a chance again and again saying that they would learn one day or the other.

But for women, its like the last step in the game of chess everyday .one wrong move and we are done. We would be called emotional, unfit for corporates, and a bunch of other names which follow us around for the rest of our careers.

And this is even more so today, as more and more women step out to work

Even in this modern day and age, 2023 the definition of successful women remains the same as it was ages ago just changing the font and methods of quantifying it.

So, I would never be considered a successful woman according to society because I wouldn’t want to push myself to the point of exhaustion and breakdowns or get married and have kids. I don’t fit in either criterion so I have no hope of being considered as a successful woman.

I would prefer to be a chill woman who lived peacefully who had enough money to put food on her table and lived calmly and left the world without making a noise. Putting society aside, I would consider myself successful if I can do this in the future.


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