The Title Of Miss World Goes To Miss Accented Polished Trained Straightened…

Winners of beauty pageants become the benchmark of 'true beauty' for so many impressionable girls, but what are these really teaching our girls?

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The Flaw In My Smile That Wasn’t Fated To Be “Corrected”!

We look the prettiest when we smile and laugh with abandon. Allow yourself to smile from the heart, and see what a beautiful expression of life you'd be.

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This Innovator Duo Has Boosted Ethnic Pride In Brazil – Curls Are Now Cool & Manageable
Leila Velez Zica Assis

Leila Velez and Zica Assis are determined that the women who walk into their salons looking for well-defined curls leave with boosted self-esteem. By the age of 16, Leila Velez was the youngest ever manager of McDonalds in Brazil. At the same time, Zica Assis, also in Brazil, was working as a hairdresser. In her […]

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“The Girl Is A Bit Dark Na?” Was The Verdict. No – I’m Brown And Beautiful

I'm brown and beautiful. I'm happy in my own skin. I might not have a fair skin like you, but my heart and mind is fair enought to leave you blind.

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If Nandita Das Went Out To Buy Makeup Products For Dark Skin, What Would She Find?
makeup products for dark skin

A couple of years ago, it would have been tough to find makeup products for dark skin. Has the situation changed? Has the cosmetic industry woken up to this need?

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Girl, Should You Be Feeling All Excited When Someone Says, “You Look Beautiful”?
how to be beautiful

Do you get excited when someone compliments on your looks, or dejected when you feel something is wrong with your body? Worry not. Read this.

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