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Glow and Lovely
Glow & Lovely?! Why Not Be Upfront And Just Admit To Our Fair Skin Fixation?

What did HUL achieve by replacing the word 'Fair' with 'Glow'? Indian women come in all skin tones, and maybe it's high time the messaging for all the cosmetic products changes.

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Your Handy Guide To Waxing Or Shaving At Home And Avoiding Skin Problems!

If you are wondering how to wax or shave at home without having redness and itchiness, this handy guide to waxing at home is just for you!

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Kajol Dismissed As Plain & Loud ‘Coz She’s A Woman? What If She Had Played These 6 SRK Roles
Kajol in SRK roles

When Kajol talks about "feeling beautiful today", most dismiss her as 'plain', 'loud', 'full of herself'. What if we imagine Kajol in SRK roles?

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Everyone Wants A Fair Skinned Bahu. Umm… Their Loss?

But, could I open my heart up? Could I tell him that I loved him only to be rebuffed by his parents later? I had been hurt in the past so was not so sure. But...

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How Do I Manage Without Salon Visits For Essential Care During Lockdown? Here’s Help

There are quite a few women sharing on social media their distress over not being able to go to the salon for their essential beauty care – so here are a few tips for you. You, me and we are all now homebound at least till 15th April 2020. Together we are fighting against corona […]

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Dia Mirza Says She Was Told She’s ‘Too Pretty To Be A Model’ Umm… What?!

Thanks to weird beauty standards, Dia Mirza was told was told she was ‘too short’, 'too pretty', 'too fair' to be a model - she recently shared. 

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