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Why Can Only Fair Be Lovely, With Lighter Skinned Women Literally ‘Prized’ Like Objects?

Is fairness the be-all and end-all of life? Is it fairness, and nothing else besides, that makes women attractive, desirable and eligible for love?

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The Magic Is Not In The Mirror, It Is In Your Heart And Mind

“Why are you telling me lies? I can see myself in the mirror and I’m not beautiful. I don’t have a beautiful smile or a beautiful face.” Nikki's lips trembled.

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Wasn’t I ‘Too Dark’ For You Then? Now Your Wife Is ‘Too Boring’ For You?

Ravi felt ashamed at his impetuousness. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and then said in a steady voice, ‘I just saw her engagement pictures and got curious.’

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Glow & Lovely?! Why Not Be Upfront And Just Admit To Our Fair Skin Fixation?
Glow and Lovely

What did HUL achieve by replacing the word 'Fair' with 'Glow'? Indian women come in all skin tones, and maybe it's high time the messaging for all the cosmetic products changes.

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Your Handy Guide To Waxing Or Shaving At Home And Avoiding Skin Problems!

If you are wondering how to wax or shave at home without having redness and itchiness, this handy guide to waxing at home is just for you!

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Kajol Dismissed As Plain & Loud ‘Coz She’s A Woman? What If She Had Played These 6 SRK Roles
Kajol in SRK roles

When Kajol talks about "feeling beautiful today", most dismiss her as 'plain', 'loud', 'full of herself'. What if we imagine Kajol in SRK roles?

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