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Women With A Disability Also Have A Right To Dignity During Periods!

Today we talk about so many issues related to periods. But how many talk about the period related challenges faced by neurodivergent women and their families?

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Men who have been sympathetic during my period woes!
A Toast To The Thoughtful Men Who Have Sympathised With My Period Woes!

When men show compassion and understanding toward period pain, it makes for a more comfortable working environment for everyone.

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In Oct 2021 I Was Told I May Not Walk Again, But I Did Not Give Up!

For each time I stumbled and fell, I rose again. Giving up was never an option. The path was not easy, yet I did overcome one of the toughest phases of my life. I did it.

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Do You Even Know What’s Your ‘Maa Ka Favourite Khana’?!

How many of us know what our mother's favourite food is? Or for that matter, her favourite songs, movies, books? Or even her desires and dreams?

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A daughter lovingly embracing her mother from behind.
I Still Crave For My Mother’s Mothering Even Though It Sometimes Annoys Me

My Maa still knows what's best for me though now I'm a mother! Her empathy, nurturing, care, and discipline sustains me and shows me the way.

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What About The Dreams & Needs Of Mothers Of Special Needs Kids Too?!

She had given up her lucrative career right after Tanvi's diagnosis and immersed herself in bringing her up. But it was a tough job with more thorns strewn in the way than roses.

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An Illness When I Seriously Doubted If I Would Walk Again Taught Me NOT To Take Health For Granted

People can only offer support but the ownership lies in my hand. And most importantly, as long as I live, I want to live healthy and not ever be dependent on anyone for anything!

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I Am Tired Of Being This ‘Perfect’ Mother That Even Her Son Doesn’t Understand

The moment a woman becomes a mother, she starts getting judged for her choices. Can we give her the benefit of doubt that she does her best with what she has available?

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And Then I Smiled Widely For The Man I Had Married, Who Had Stood Up For Me In Front Of My Own Clan

Clearly the uncle hadn't anticipated such an answer. Nobody had ever questioned him nor his beliefs. But to have it presented before him in a room full of people might have really embarrassed him.

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