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The  Nose poker  Gossiper  Mother-daughter duo


My husba1d  often  narrates   how a friendly  neighbourhood  auntie  got him  into  serious  trouble  with  his  parents, for  absolutely  no fault his.

As matter  of fact on  that occasion Bobby (my spouse’s nickname) had  accompanied a   few of his  university / college  buddies   to the  New    Delhi   railway station. Those guys were  heading to  Patna for  the  autumn break.        Bobby  was busy conversing with another  friend Sweety,  who was   not  travelling either when whom should  he see but  the  aforementioned   auntie walking by.They nodded  and waved  to   each other before  she  disappeared.  When bobby went  home a  few hours  later, he found his  dad fuming,   livid  with   rage. His mom disclosed what had transpired: The  same  auntie had    dropped by to  report how  she had seen  him about   to elope with a girl. The  parents were dumb  founded.   The absurdity  of  the  situation  didn’t strike  them. How could a  young man carrying  books/  notebooks  with  no baggage  or  luggage of  any kind   elope?And  that  too  in  broad  daylight?  Once  bobby  explained the  incident,  things simmered   down.

Fast forward to  the  present.  The  same auntie    now  an  octogenarian   is   still  up to  her  tricks. A few years   ago I was  employed with a       private  company  located  in a residential  area.  Little    did I  know  the  same auntie was  now the occupant ofa house in the  row across the lane. During   my post   l   lunch ,  I had  one day  noticed from   a  corner of my       eye,  but decided to  ignore her as I  was not quite  sure.However  the  cunning  lady had recognized  me. I can’t   imagine  how, since she  had  socially  met Bobby’s  wife  hardly  five times  in ‘ all.  And that  too ages      ago. Amazing   intelligence!  A  few months  later ,  when  Bobby’s mother died  the auntie  came  to  offer   condolences. Her bag of gossip split  wide  open      before a packed  house:How she had often seen me      loitering on the streets ,idling away! Horrified beyond  measure I  wanted to  scream at  her:  Does the lane  belong to your father? Do I need to pay toll tax to walk through? I   was always walking  alone, not hobnobbing with  strange men.  So  what business           is it of  yours? But alas! All  I  could d was act the  prim  and    proper   ghar ki bahu (sigh!)

The  auntie’s darling daughter      is equally    noisome  if not  more.For   a few years after our  marriage  until   she left  t town she would often drop in  unannounced  to  meet  her  rakhi bhai Bobby. I was away  at work when she  would come  in (coincidence?)  Each  time  I returned  home to  find  my  books and papers haywire! Obviously  she   must have                rummaged through my personal effects while  my simpleton  spouse must  have  looked on dotingly

Wonder, what sort of  etiquette  and  mannerisms do  such   individuals  possess? I am sanguine the   readers  will  be horrified to learn that the auntie  happens to   be an eminent pediatrician and  mother of a popular sin singer while her  daughter is  a hi-fi corporate  person. Moral            of the  story:  Wealth, upward mobility, educational  qualifications , social status cannot  mould basic impulses of humans.A    After  all a leopard  can’t change its spots….


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