Lata Gwalani

I am a writer and I love to play the narrator of human experiences, transporting readers to a place where the lives of strong people with endearing flaws entwine in equally intriguing plots and landscapes. Road to Abana is my third book, after my debut Incognito (a psychological thriller) and Prisoners of Secrets (literary fiction). I enjoyed a career spanning over three decades as a journalist, a columnist, a corporate trainer, before turning into a full-time writer. I have pioneered Leadership through Emotional Intelligence workshops across the country and worked extensively with women in this area. My writings have appeared in The Hindu, The Indian Express, ME Magazine, and Arre, a digital content portal. My stories have richly-drawn characters and thought-provoking plots. My ability to tell an everyday story in a sensuous and evocative style has earned me a devoted readership from across the world. I believe that stories are what make our lives liveable. I teach creative writing and storytelling through my forum called Kathaasis.

Voice of Lata Gwalani

I am a fan of the female-only salon. Here’s why.
Why I’m A Fan Of Female-Only Salons, So Much More Than Just Grooming Spaces!

Unisex salons may be more inclusive, but for many women I know, female-only salons are more than just grooming spaces; they are a haven where they can let down their defences.

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Happiness Is Lying Down To Rest Next To Your Mother, Irrespective Of Age

As a daughter, once married and away from parents, it is rare to get an opportunity to just BE with your mother, lie down next to her to rest.

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Is It Women's Job To Welcome Guests With Bouquets At Events?
Is It Women’s Job To Welcome Guests With Bouquets At Events?

Asking women of the office to welcome guests with bouquets at business and social events is blatant tokenism and sexism at the same time!

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I lived in a web of permanent procrastination.
Back To Routine: How I Overcome Procrastination

Going back to routine after quitting my job made me realize I was caught in the web of permanent procrastination for the last six months!

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Ants In Her Pants: The Middle-Aged Indian Woman Traveller Has Arrived, And How!

Unlike her earlier version where she trotted behind her husband as he steered the travel plan, she is today a well-informed co-traveller. Often, she decides the itinerary and the “top ten things to do”.

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Anjali Menon’s Film, Wonder Women Is Wholesome And Real
Anjali Menon’s Film, Wonder Women Is Wholesome And Real

Anjali Menon’s Wonder Women is a breath of fresh air as it stitches together a healthy sisterhood that does not lean on the crutch of ill-treatment at the hands of their men.

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