A Letter To My Daughter For Her 18th Birthday

A mother's heartwarming letter to her daughter explaining to her that life's struggles are for real and planning is what will help her tide over these, just like how she did. 

A mother’s heartwarming letter to her daughter explaining to her that life’s struggles are for real and planning is what will help her tide over these, just like how she did. 

Dear daughter,

As we are engrossed in the preparations for your birthday, which is just a fortnight away, my mind keeps wandering back to that special day- the day you entered our lives. The memory of that day is still etched in my mind so vividly. Those tiny hands and feet transformed me completely. I felt emotions that I had never felt before. I had my most precious possession in my arms, looking back at me with infallible trust. I decided that day itself that come what may; I will do all that it takes to make you a strong, resilient, empathetic and perceptive individual. Now that you are grown up and more understanding, I can share with you that life is not always hunky-dory. While emotional strength and independence are important, financial stability and security is also crucial in life, more so for the rainy days and for the benefit of self and loved ones. I have seen how, in many families, women are kept far away from financial decisions. This is the bitter truth and this needs to change. I am fortunate that at all times, your grandparents had ensured that I was financially aware and secured, and this is exactly what I aimed at achieving as a parent myself. Not just your grandparents, your papa too, has always encouraged me to actively have a say in all matters of our household. I must say you are lucky to have a papa like him.

One of our constant endeavours has been to give you the lifestyle you deserve. You might not have realized; we sometimes make small sacrifices to make sure we are able to provide you with the best of everything. I remember reading your wish list in your diary just before your 10th birthday, thankfully, you allowed me a peek into it. Those were your pending birthday wishes for all these years. Do you remember about the Barbie house you wanted year after year? When we said a no, trust me, it did hurt. We have never wanted to say a “no” to you. But we have never said a no when it comes to your education or your extra-curricular. When it comes to your future, we have always made sure we get it done. Also, do you remember you had been asking to go to Disneyland since you saw the movie Tangled? We all went and had a blast at Disneyland when you were 14. But, what you might now have noticed is, we planned the trip for years before we actually went on the trip.

So, do you get where I am going? Yes, pre-planning. As you embark on a new journey in life, we want to tell you that if you want to achieve something, start planning from today. Start hustling towards it, with passion and with determination. It might be your favourite subject in school or the basketball you love to play; it might be anything; plan and act on it. Don’t be wary of failure because honestly papa and mama have failed several times but, but look at you now. You, young lady, are our biggest success. No, matter what you decide to do, we are there in every step because you will always be our little girl. Protecting and securing your future has always been our priority and always will be.

As parents, it is our responsibility to provide you support both emotionally and financially. As I had said, I have always been given the financial freedom. Hence, out of the few financial decisions I have taken one of the proud decisions that I have made as a mother was to invest in ICICI Pru LifeTime Classic– a ULIP plan. The plan has given me the extra bit of money every year to help me give you the lifestyle you deserve and your small wishes like the entire Potter series you wanted on your 13th birthday. Not only that, I have also been secretly ticking off your big bucket list like our trip to Disneyland; thanks to the plan. Also, in case something happens to us, I have got you prepared for the same. No force should stop you, my girl, from achieving your goals. Go out there and create the difference you have always wanted to create.

Go soar my child, because you deserve to!


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