4 Dialogues From Piku That All Parents Should Tell Their Daughters

These 4 dialogues from Piku are crucial lessons about life and marriage that all parents must impart to their daughters.

There is no denying that Piku provided a power-packed performance and novel perspective on parenting.

The film delivered a potent message about how a young person, particularly a woman raised in this 21st century, can defend herself and her decisions.

This movie motivated young girls and women who are in their 30s-40s.

This film, starring Deepika Padukone, Irrfan Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan, is one of our all-time favorites from the Bollywood genre.

A realistic look at the father-daughter relationship

Piku is a movie about a father-daughter connection, but as you watch it, you’ll see that it’s about so much more. It’s about getting in touch with your roots; embracing, loving, and ultimately learning to live with others despite their flaws. It’s a voyage through life.

Piku, in my opinion, is one of the most potent films about how parents should bring their daughters. How they should motivate every daughter to live her life in her own terms and conditions.

4 moving dialogues from the film that every daughter should learn

Here are 4 striking exchanges from Piku that perfectly sum up what a daughter should learn from her parents.

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Parents should stand up for their daughters more often. Tragically, we rarely witness men defending their daughters from our senseless culture. A father’s influence on his daughter extends much beyond his protection and provisional duties. The relationship a girl has with her father affects a variety of things, including her sense of self-worth and body image, how she handles potential love relationships, her educational pursuits, and her work success.

Everything begins when girls are very young. They frequently see their value as their father sees it as they develop and grow. If her father says she’s lovely, she is; if he says she’s a great cricket player, she is; if he says there’s nothing in life she can’t do, there isn’t. More fathers should show their daughters how to stand up for themselves. Sadly, we rarely witness fathers standing up for their daughters in the face of our thoughtless culture.

You should be independent, that is the most crucial thing. You shouldn’t need to depend on your husband or anyone else for the little things because you’re married. The only way to acquire the respect of others around you is to first learn to appreciate yourself. Possess initiative and the ability to handle things on your own. A daughter should be taught if a marriage is not working out or it’s not worth then don’t compromise. You should always respect your own identity, and self-respect.

‘Marriage isn’t bad, but women should have a purpose. All a husband wants from his wife is food during the day and sex at night. Is that what a woman is made for?’

The idea that the way our culture structures marriages is the real issue, not the institution itself. Sad to think that women are expected to fulfill countless expectations and live their lives for other people rather than for themselves. Even though the majority of individuals in our culture adhere to the stereotypical belief that a girl’s home is just her husband’s after marriage, we are always here for you. Whatever happens, this will always be your home away from home, and your family will always be ready to welcome you with open arms. This is what a father should teach their daughter. It’s one of those uncommon films that not only entertains you but also imparts a strong message on gender roles, marriage, and raising independent girls. We sincerely hope that more parents will start speaking out for their girls and ally with them in the fight against a backward society. We hope that more parents will take these issues seriously and work with their children.

Image Source: Promo poster of Piku from Box Office Collections; edited on Canva Pro

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