5 Things You Experience When You Have Short Hair Like A Boy!

We girls enjoy our hair no matter what people say. Some of us enjoy our hairstyle short! But why is it that women’s short hair exposes how disparately people treat them compared to when they had long hair.


It may not be the most fashionable hairdo, but it attracts attention and shows that you have originality. We girls enjoy our hair no matter what people say. Some of us enjoy our hairstyle short!

But why is it that women’s short hair exposes how disparately people treat them compared to when they had long hair.

Here are 5 things, women hear after they have cut their hair for a shorter style!

The conservative concern

The worst part for me is how many men have made cryptic remarks about my hair.

First questions generally come with curiosity, and is followed by comments—

“Why did you chop your hair?”

“Although it is more edgy, you look like one of us.”

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“I liked your long hair.”

Why the hell should I even care about your opinion?

I love it. Sometimes I avoid these men, but at times I get angry because so many people seem to believe that I chopped my hair or do anything similar for other people.

However, it really says more about who they are as a person than anything else. Regardless, matter how others might feel about it. I adore it.

Oh Damn, I thought you were a man

I can speak from experience when I say that this comment offends me as a woman, since it doesn’t make sense unless it’s intended to be insulting. However, I recognize that this could simply be an honest error when it comes to more women who appear androgynous.

You are not defined by your hair. You are who you are. Sure, when they first see you in your new crop, your pals could look at you a bit funny, but that doesn’t imply they don’t know you or that you’ve changed as a person.

Guys hate it when women have short hair.

Simply said, this is really not true. Every guy has a specific kind, and some may favour women with longer hair. Some people might find shorter-hair girls more attractive.

Not all people are the same. I’m 100% sure, despite their opinions, your partner will still like you.

Since you are the one who sees oneself in the mirror every day, give a long bob a try!

I hear girls say, “But my guy doesn’t like short hair,” much too frequently.

So, unless your partner is only interested in you because of your long hair, in which case, I strongly advise you to review your relationship I say go for it!

You live only once (YOLO)

Complements from fellow girls

I got a pixie cut a few months ago. Other girls were complimenting me and remarking how well it suited me. Men pay less attention.

It is now being grown out. I feel blander with long hair, which is a bummer. I suppose all I can do is know that if I ever want to go back, I can pull off this look.

Don’t you worry that people will interpret things incorrectly?

Before actually walking in to get her hair cut short— would someone consider things like these future interactions? Would I really have thought people will find hidden meaning and interpretations in my new fashion statement?

We might be vaguely aware of the potential misconceptions, and it is safe to say that, had we decided to cut our hair anyhow, we wouldn’t have given a damn about what others would think.

This doesn’t imply that the comments are always annoying, just that we should care more about how we appear than what other people think.

To infer that all comments made about girls with short hair are unfavourable would be completely wrong on my part. Some people will like us, irrespective of our hair. And we will love ourselves and will keep experimenting with new styles!

Image source: Rapid fire with Dangal girls Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra | Atika Farooqui | Interview| Colors Cineplex


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