Kamla Bhasin
JAGORI Co-founder Kamla Bhasin: What Would I Be Without My Feminisms? Yes, There Are Many!

"There are many Feminisms," says Kamla Bhasin, who has worked in this field for close to 50 years. "They are often contextual, and are not just about choice, but about the politics of what we choose."

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Have Pity On The Men Who Need To Cope With Some Empowered Women I Know!

Everyone speaks of women's empowerment - while I agree that a large section of the population needs to be empowered still, maybe these men need some help too?

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Yes, You’re My Fiancé, But You Can’t “Allow” Or “Forbid” Me Things!

One thing was clear to him, Avni loathed the "allowing" word. “But what on earth makes it so offensive?” he was still thinking.

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Why ‘Being Positive’ & ‘Being An Angry Feminist’ Are Both Essential For Today’s Indian Woman
being positive

Is being positive the same as 'looking at the brighter side of things'? No, says the author, proving by example that there is so much more to living as an Indian woman today.

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From Her Ashes She Arose

She had been abused, left to her fate, written off. But he had reckoned without her inner strength, and the strength that a sisterhood could give her to rise... again!

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Actor Mayoori Kango Recently Made Us Wonder – Is Saying “Beauty With Brains” Really A Compliment?
Mayoori Kango

Assuming that beautiful women cannot able be intelligent and capable, or vice versa is another way in which patriarchy attempts to lock women into stereotypes.

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