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absurd things to expect if you are a feminist
5 Absurd Things All Feminists Can Expect To Hear!

Here are the five absurd things you can surely expect to hear as a feminist, and a guide on how to handle them.  

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I Regret I Let My Family Kill Your Ma’s Dreams; I Won’t Let It Happen To You

“Right from childhood, I was raised as someone’s property. For every demand, the standard reply would be not to expect anything, but just be content with what I get. As if they were doing me a favour!” The Muse of the Month is a monthly writing contest organised by Women’s Web, bringing you original fiction inspired by […]

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As A Woman, My Identity Is More Than Just My Body!

As women, why is our identity related only to our looks and our body? Why not our achievements and degrees?

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For Women The Waiting Game Starts In Childhood; Maybe At 25 For Men!

Surprisingly, more than half the qualifiers were women. They tended to excel most at negotiation and strategy, mental prowess and survival instincts, in addition to their chosen subjects.

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Ticked Boxes Do Not Define A Mother; Either HOW You Become One Or Your Breastfeeding Records

Why do we compare 'motherhoods' or decide that someone is the most sacrificing mother? What are we trying to prove by comparing our struggles and to whom?

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Hello Patriarchy, Are You Listening?

When women finally rise and speak up for their rights, nothing will be able to stop them. Hum dekhenge. We shall see.

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