10 Powerful Quotes From ‘On Reckoning’ By Amy Remeikis That Every Feminist Should Read

'On Reckoning' by Amy Remeikis is a powerful account of her personal and professional rage. Here are ten of the best quotes by Amy Remeikis.

Amy Remeikis’s ‘On Reckoning’ is about personal and professional rage in the context of the issues that surround women’s safety.

It is about opening doors for necessary conversations to take place. A very well-written and amazing book, I highly recommend it.

For me, it is one of the most brilliant books I’ve read till date. Compiled below are some quotes from ‘On Reckoning’ by Amy Remeikis that would compel everyone to think and act in this context.


Rage never disappears. It only sits dormant.


It’s not all men, and yet, statistically, it will be a man.


There is every chance that someone in your everyday life is someone else’s monster.

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Anger can be destructive, but it can also be transformative.


You shouldn’t get a cookie for telling people not to sexually assault other people. And, yet, here we are.


Our history is stained with injustices and rage that took too long to be acknowledged.


But this is not a ‘women’s issue’ and it is not for women to solve.


In order to achieve real change, more than half the population needs to give a shit.


None of us are equal until all of us are.


The thing about reckonings is that for them to truly occur, all that came before has to be burnt to the ground.

Happy reading!

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