Sowmya Rajendran
Sowmya Rajendran: Being A Feminist Requires Me To Question Myself Every Day

"I've come to realise that it's rather hard to live by feminist principles in every sphere of your life - at home, at work, in your social circle, in public spaces, on social media," says Sowmya Rajendran.

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Why The Story Behind The Manabasa Gurubar Festival Could Be India’s First Feminist Text
Manabasa Gurubar

We need to look beyond the obvious in the rituals of our festivals, that can reveal hidden feminist meanings that question traditional beliefs. Like the Manabasa Gurubar festival taught me.

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“Sometimes Reasons For Writing Change,” Says Piyusha Vir, Author Of The Month, November 2018
Piyusha Vir

Piyusha Vir tries to write every day, no matter what. "It doesn't have to be fiction," she says, "As long as I let the words flow with some coherence, I am happy."

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Let Me Roast The Bollywood Celebrities Who Failed Us In The #MeToo Movement
celebrity roast

Tina Sequeira quips about Bollywood actors' abysmal response to the #MeToo movement, often behaving like ostriches rather than use their immense clout to speak up.

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Filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi No More, But Her Strong Feminist Movies Will Live Forever

When women directors were uncommon, Kalpana Lajmi made women centric films. By daring to love and marrying a much older man, she proved her bravado. 

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My Mom Chose To Work, To Be A Role Model For Me. Did My Dad Have The Same Choice?

While we push for women's equality so that working or being a homemaker should be choice, we need to push for a similar choice for men too. That's true feminism.

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