Sona Mohapatra’s Response to Anu Malik’s Playing The “Victim Card” Is A Masterclass On Dealing With Gas-lighters

Casting himself as a victim, Anu Malik responded to the Me Too allegations with an open letter. However, Sona Mohapatra took him apart in a crisp and hard-hitting reply

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I Am A Feminist And Proud Of It – Here’s Why You Should Be Too!

While a number of people support feminism, they are reluctant to be called feminists. Here's why it makes no sense to dislike being called a feminist!

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Even As A ‘Liberal’ Indian Man, My Journey To Become A Relatively ‘Woke’ Feminist Was Not Easy

A young man who identified as 'liberal' found out as he was called out, that he was actually more sexist than he thought. And then followed the journey of waking up to being a real feminist.

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5 Things That DON’T Make You A ‘Bad Feminist’
bad feminist

We have a certain perception of what it means to be a feminist, and we think that anyone who falls outside that is a 'bad feminist'. Here's busting a few myths about this.

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The Curious Case Of The ‘Feminism Pisachini’ That Scares Indian MRA Types
feminism pisachini

A men's rights group has announced a 'pisachinimukti puja' to end feminism and free men of 'feminist women'. Let's look at what is at stake, shall we?

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Tara Krishnaswamy: Domestic Abuse Victims Returning To Their Abusers ‘Willingly’ Is Not True Consent
Tara Krishnaswamy

Political activist Tara Krishnaswamy realised early the gap between her privileged, feminist upbringing, and the life of the ordinary Indian woman, leading her to raise her voice in concrete ways that make a difference.

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