You’re A Feminist? Ask Yourself If Your Feminism Is Selective Or Inclusive

Even 'feminists' often don't include all women in their feminism. Don't believe me? Read how the author calls out the hypocrisy.

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What Made Us Feminists? Some Of Us On The Women’s Web Team Reflect…

Each one of us on the Women's Web team has come to this team in such different ways, live very different lives - yet we have a kernel of similarity that fits us all together like a wonderful jigsaw puzzle.

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Mission Mangal Boasts Of Women Scientists But The Posters Tell A Different Story
mission mangal

The new posters of movie Mission Mangal raise the question of how women can manage science like men but are the only ones expected to manage the ‘home’

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Why We Absolutely Need Gender Inclusive Education Today

A gender-Inclusive education is the need of the hour. What needs to change is how we, despite demanding equality, still at times, perpetuate gender stereotypes. 

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Oh Men, Comrades! Our Radical Feminism Is Our Desire To Be Whole

Radical feminism can be defined as a perspective of feminism that emphasises the patriarchal roots of inequality in the society between men and women. It looks at patriarchy as something that oppresses men and gives men more privileges. 

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If You Want To Be ‘Acceptable’, You Cannot Come Across As A Woman With Sexual Desires

Swara Bhaskar did it in Veere Di Wedding; so did Kiara Advani in Lust Stories. But it is still a taboo when a regular Indian woman talks of masturbation or orgasms. 

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