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Top 10 Self-Care Tips For Women To Help You Keep Thriving And Hustling!

Checking in with yourself and your welbeing is important, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. 

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2020: The Year That Taught Us To Be Grateful

2020 might not be anything like we expected it to be but it also an year that taught us important lessons. Nothing is permanent and your entire life can change drasticaly in a blink of an eye.

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How This Extremely Extroverted Person Realized During Quarantine That She Is Actually An Introvert

I spend time with myself and indulge in self-conversation realising what my interests are. Honestly, I would have never known so much about me if it was not the lock-down.

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Social Media Is Not Your Friend During This Lockdown

People are already in distress, without the ‘who is the next best chef’ Instagram stories making them feel bad about their own producitivity levels. 

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Do Yourself A Favor And Embrace Your Imperfections

Sometimes it is difficult for us to accept our imperfections especially when we are constantly told to strive for perfection.

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The Scars Of My Broken Heart Made Me Stronger And Taught Me To Let Go

"A guy doesn't like you? That doesn't mean there is something wrong with you!" And many such tips for dealing with heartbreaks from the author's own experience. 

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Indian parents
Dear Indian Parents, Stop Trying To Control Your Child’s Love Life For These Silly Reasons

Indian parents give the damnedest reason for controlling their child's love life. Time to think about how your meddling can affect them.

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thoughts about marriage
Random Thoughts About Marriage That Scare The Bejeezus Out Of Me!

All girls have thoughts about marriage, and sometimes these thoughts can be worrisome. Scary. Why, oh, why are things so difficult for women?

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When Strong Women Need The ‘Consent’ Of Random People For Their Clothes (And Everything Else)

Strong women are here, and they will do what they want to do, without your permission. Get a life of your own!

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body shamers
Pity The Body Shamers, For They Know Not That They Should Have Better Things To Do!

Pay no heed to the body shamers who will continue to pass judgement on your body - they have nothing better to do with their lives!

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mistakes a woman makes
I Want To Let Go Of My Past Mistakes And Move On! Here’s Why

Too much is often made of any mistakes a woman makes and she is not allowed to let them go and live her life. After all, a woman is supposed to uphold tradition, isn't she?

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Dear Future Mother In Law, I Am Sure We Can Work Towards A Really Good Relationship

A mother in law need not be an adversary as popularly supposed. There can always be an amicable, even loving relationship, if only both sides work at it!

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Why Are Women’s Dreams Not Long Lived?

Women's dreams. They are always supposed to bend to the will of the dreams of those around us. Why? It is time this changes!

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A Pre-decided Timetable Of A Girl’s Life? Why?! What About Her Choice?

Only if a girl follows the rules laid down by society in making decisions in life, is she considered a girl worthy of respect. Why?

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Celebrate And Hold Close Your Teenage Friends! They Can Be Your Friends Forever!

Friends women make in their teens really 'get' you, and these teenage friends tend to remain friends forever!

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Wedding Or Wasting? Is Your Dream Wedding Really Worth The Waste?

The dream wedding – that grand affair that is spoken about for a long time afterward. Is this what we really want? Maybe the money can be used better elsewhere?

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